See What I Got at The Rubber Stamp Convention!

Hi friends! I had a lovely weekend with crafty friends and it was just what the doctor ordered! Yesterday after filming this video I made project kits combining the new things with my older supplies so I won’t forget all of the ideas I had at the show when I purchased these things. I find when I put my items away they are easy to overlook and if I leave them in a basket on my desk I sometimes forget what I had intended to do with them so I think this makes the most sense. I can’t wait to get crafty!


In addition to the fun new products I also got to swap with some inspiring artists! You can see those treasures too in today’s video!

Thanks to all the lovely ladies who swapped with me!

Products in order of appearance-mostly: (Affiliates likes used if available) The Haul starts at around 9 minutes:)

I think that batch of shopping will probably do until next year (well, it probably should anyway!) Good thing I get to make crafty videos for a living! If a project I mentioned sounds extra good and you want to see me do it first let me know in the comments. The ink blending brush comparison video is the most popular idea among my YouTube viewers but I’d love to see what you think! Thanks for visiting and till next time happy crafting!

12 thoughts on “See What I Got at The Rubber Stamp Convention!

  1. Hey, Lindsay, ..All i can say is, WOW, YOU HAD A BLAST !!!!.. I’ll bet you still have that SMILE on your face!

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  2. I loved watching your haul and seeing all the goodness that you were able to pick up. Thanks for the shout out…I will be making sure all the goodness if facing forward so at the next show more of it goes home with the attendees 🙂 Remind me again…will I see you at the Creating Keepsakes show in Manchester, NH later this month? I hope so 🙂

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  3. I had a blast at the Heirloom stamp show. I got there on Thursday in order to take a few classes, then shopped on Fri and Sat. Lots of Make and Takes while shopping as well. Enjoyed seeing you and Kathy. Hope to make it there again next year.

    I second a request for the Oxide sprays. I got four after you pointed out the sale price to me.

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  4. What a fun video,thanks for sharing. I love your videos and really appreciate the time you put into them.
    Don’t know if you have one where you live, but our local Hobby Lobby has a very cute sushi stamp set at a reasonable price if you use their 40% off coupon 🙂

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    1. Thanks, there is a HL fairly close by. I’ll have to look next time Bangor


    1. Honestly, I’m pretty ticked off about it! I am going to do my own research on the chemicals and talk with a chemist I know and see what he thinks before spraying them. If it turned out these really shouldn’t be spray applies I am going to write Ranger for a refund. However, I am going to research it before going crazy because that prop65 warning gets slapped on so many things that are unwarranted because a company it too lazy to change the packaging for different projects or just wants to cover their butt. If they did make a spray product that shouldn’t be sprayed than shame on them. REally, who wears a mask when the papercraft, that is not a reasonable expectation to have to take that precaution. so yeah, I am ticked at this one but I am glad I saw Gerry’s video with the warning because I am a messy crafter who goes whole hog and I don’t want to encourage others to buy a dangerous product.


  5. Love the haul videos! I was going to ask you at the show what you found, just so I wouldn’t have haul-envy after the fact. Wish I had paid closer attention to the life-changing” ink brushes from Double Trouble, lol. PS Loved the die cut wings too – think CatWings. 🙂


    1. that’s a cute idea! Don’t fret about the brushes, the cheap ones from amazon or walmart work the same. My friend had those and worked just as well as the double trouble ones and I posted a comparison the other day if you missed it.


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