Father’s Day DNA Card!

Hi friends! Today I have a “punny” card that you can make for your dad this father’s day!


Here is the inside:


This card is easy to make and you probably have these simple supplies on hand.

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Note: This card fits a #10 business envelope.


  1. Make a 4 ¼” x 8 ½” card from cream cardstock. Cut a kraft panel to 4 ⅛” x 8 ⅜” and another cream panel to 4”x 8 ¼”.
  2. Draw a straight line down the middle of the cream panel and two wavy lines to make a DNA strand. Stamp circles along the lines to create the “gene”. Draw lines from the center line to the outside dots to complete the element.
  3. Using mini alphabet stamps or a computer and printer spell “Dad, thanks for the good genes” and cut them out, ink the edges and adhere to card. Stamp unmounted sentiment at the bottom.
  4. Stamp happy fathers day inside the card and decorate with stamped circles.

I hope you make this card for your dad this Father’s day or help a child make one for their dad. Happy crafting!

PS Father’s Day is June 16th this year:)

2 thoughts on “Father’s Day DNA Card!

  1. I like the idea, but I have an autoimmune disease and I’m pretty sure my dad’s genetics passed it on to me because he also has an autoimmune disease. It’s one of the big reasons I don’t want kids. So, for me, I’m not really thankful for the genes. But, your creativity inspired some creativity in me for what I do want to create for a card. 😉


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