Many Marvelous Mermaids!

Howdy friends! Today’s project combines a lot of crafty goodness! I had so much fun making these cards and I hope they inspire you to create!


I worked an assembly line on these cards. I did a gel printing session, a coloring session, and an assembly session.


It can be daunting to think of making multiple cards in one sitting. It can also be overwhelming to gel print backgrounds for only one card. By breaking up the tasks I get to extend my enjoyment of my craft without getting stressed out and have a batch of cards to show for my effort!


You can see the complete process in the video!

Supplies (affiliate links used)

Here is a look at all of the images colored. I thought about just trimming them to ATC size at one point but I decided that I’d be more likely to use the greeting cards.


I hope you have a lovely weekend! I’m off to watch my son play in his last tennis matches of the season and miraculously it’s warm and sunny! Yahoo! Til next time happy crafting!

12 thoughts on “Many Marvelous Mermaids!

  1. Love them, so colorful! It’s too bad the stamps are discontinued. You should draw your very own mermaid!


  2. Lindsay, I’m looking for a craft buddy in the Springfield, MA area. Please share my email address if you meet anyone at the West Springfield craft show who wants to get together in Springfield. I’m not able to get to the stamp show at West Springfield. One day I hope to meet you because I have enjoyed your videos and you have opened up new creative worlds for me. Thank you.
    Pat Jones


  3. I have several sizes of Gelli Plates which I’ve never used. Your last few videos have inspired me to get them out and just have fun experimenting.


  4. Love the approach you took. The cards are lovely. I was sorry to hear that Sweet Pea was out of business, but you’ve reminded me that I have a bunch of their images. Thanks, and hope to see you on Saturday.


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