More Markers? Arteza Everblend Marker Review

Hi friends! Arteza sent me these markers to review about 2 months ago and I have finally used them enough to do a proper review.  As always my reviews are not sponsored but they did send me this product for free.  Arteza has been making quite a splash on the art supply scene over the past 3 years because they have been pumping out the products and their prices are excellent. Usually, the quality is really good for the price and even the supplies I am not 100% thrilled with (watercolors) are well worth what they are priced at.


The markers come in 60 colors in an attractive and sturdy carrying case. I did confirm that they are going to be offering refill inks and replacement nibs soon and that they will be out with a brush tip alcohol marker in a few months (good to know if you want to wait a bit.) I also heard, but have not got confirmation, that they will be coming out with a grey scale and neutral set soon which would be nice because as you can see from my swatch below that the set is lacking in those areas. *Note, I took a photo of my swatch outside in the shade and tried to correct it in my computer but my purples, blues, and greys look too blue and samey where they are more distinct in real life. Refer to the swatch under this one for more accurate results or refer to my swatch in the video.


I omitted the letter A from each number due to space. Below are the swatched from the Arteza website, I think their scan is better than my photo and you can clearly see the color numbers. I think the top swatch is one layer and the bottom is 2 layers.


Here are some coupon codes you can try on these products: MOTHER20 (20% off mothers day promotion, it might only work on bundles, I’m not sure, I just found it in my email but it is worth a try!) OR FRUGAL1 for 10% off if the other doesn’t work on the marker set. Those coupons are only good on the Arteza Website. Here is an affiliate link to the marker set with carrying case I am reviewing today, also there is a 144 empty marker case for these markers here.  The other empty marker cases they sell are for the skinny markers and regular pencils. You can also find this marker set on Amazon where right now there is a 20% off coupon available and the sets is a couple bucks cheaper!

Video Review:

Product details: 60 dual-tipped alcohol markers featuring a broad chisel tip and a bullet tip. The barrels are white glossy triangular plastic and they come in a high-quality carrying case that will hold 72 markers total (12 empty slots) Price typically ranges $63-$70 before coupons.


  • Good selection of bright and pastel colors
  • Low Price (compared to brand name art markers, see bottom line)
  • Carrying case
  • Smooth ink
  • Replacement markers available (in a 4 pack on one color)
  • Replacement inks and nibs are coming soon!
  • Colors blend well
  • Color chips in end are pretty accurate but I recommend swatching


  • Numbering system makes little sense
  • Poor selection of greys and neutrals

Bottom Line: This is a great set for travel because you have a nice variety of colors to get you by in a pinch and the case has room for other accessories you would want. I think you would want more neutrals (if you like to draw and color people or animals) and greys to round out the set eventually which rumor has it will be released shortly. I found these easy to hold, quiet to color with (non-squeaky) and they blend well. They cost more than other budget markers such as Ohuhu,  Biayno or Arrtx  that run about 50 cents a marker vs $1 per marker for Arteza for about the same quality but the Arteza carrying case is much nicer so I think that is what you are paying extra for. All in all I do recommend these markers, you just need to determine if the case is worth the extra. That said an empty 144 case can be purchased for $37 before coupons (see coupons above) As with any alcohol pens you can mix and match between brands to create the set that meets your needs. The other thing to consider is that Arteza says they are releasing brush alcohol markers soon so you might want to wait for those if you are interested. I don’t know what those will cost as brush tip markers are generally more expensive but it might be worth the wait. I hope the release a skin-tone brush tip pack because that would be a wonderful addition to this range. I hope this helps you make a good decision on whether or not these markers are for you and til next time happy crafting!