Create Without Fear

Hi friends! I have been drawing and painting as long as I can remember. It never occurred me to be afraid to try a new art or craft. (OK, using my bead torch give me a healthy dose of fear if I am completely honest LOL!)


I mean really, what’s the worst that can happen? You waste a bit of time and materials. So what? I can waste gobs of time watching TV or scrolling on social media. The art supplies are already bought and paid for and if you are looking at stuff like stamps and stencils and brushes then can be used over and over again indefinitely. You might be out a few cents in paper, paint or ink but that’s about it. In most cases, you can give it a coat of gesso and carry on. The REAL waste is your paint or markers or inkpads going unused on your shelf to dry up or go bad. Now that’s what I’m afraid of, not making a mess, unspent potential. I think a lot of fear comes from shame. Are you worried about embarrassing yourself or someone judging what you make? Simple, make your art just for you, there is no law saying that we have to share everything. If you are going to let some random on social media keep you from creating because you are afraid what they will think you need to either not share it or think about why they have so much power over your actions.  There is so much pressure on our lives today we need a space where we can learn, stumble, make a mess and grow without worrying what anyone else thinks. Right now, right where you are, is the perfect place to start. You will not get better without practice. You are not obliged to share your work. You ARE allowed to share it if you want to. This is YOUR journey, you decide. Remember, what you see online is people’s highlight reel. Give yourself a chance to succeed, I’m rooting for you!

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Now, let me be completely honest with you. I am a weenie. I am afraid of so many things. But art, it ain’t one of them, in fact, I think it is the only place I am actually brave. I don’t know what my life would be like if I didn’t have that one space where I could be fearless. Everyone deserves a fearless space of their own. Happy crafting!

19 thoughts on “Create Without Fear

  1. This is exactly the message I needed right now Lindsey! My artwork has been accepted for the Keene ArtWalk in New Hampshire and I’m excited and terrified at the same time! Putting myself out there is way different for me. I’m also working on a Facebook page and will hopefully have that up and running soon. So thank you so much for your words of wisdom and please know that I love your channel and your art! I’ve been watching you for several years now and you never cease to amaze me with your ideas, your skill and your beautiful paintings and creations. Thank you again.


    1. Hey, that’s great news, Janaiene!! My great niece and husband live in Keene, I think. When is the Art Walk. I will ask them to check you out. My sister and her family all live in that area. Who knows…maybe we have friends in common. Peace


  2. Lindsey, those are awesome words! Such wonderful encouragement! Thank you! I so enjoy your tutorial and all you share!


  3. I may have a bit of a fear of creating, but I sure as heck don’t have a fear of purchasing!! Just ask my husband! Ha. So, I suppose you are saying, “Just, take the bull by the horns”? or maybe the bull by the antlers?? All your stuff is wonderful Lindsay. I think you have found your calling!!


  4. Today’s words of wisdom was so synced with what I have been feeling lately that I had to read it twice. I seem to always have to talk myself into painting a picture my mind can see so clearly. Fear holds me back. No more! Thank you. Jane


  5. Great post, Lindsey! I missed so much fun by not trying new creative things because others said I was not “good” at them. There really is no wrong way to create art. Thanks for all you do.

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  6. Great post Lindsey! I found that watercolor is the perfect medium to conquer my fear of painting and wasting my supplies. I is so affordable! I love following your youTube videos and I am learning a lot from them. Thank you for your teachings and encouragments!


  7. Thank you so very much for the encouragement…you hit the nail on the head with that one , for me at least.. I appreciate how honest and open you are. Happy Spring !!


  8. Love this article….I just cringe when I read comments people post about being afraid of craft supplies…cutting machines…or projects….I always think they must live a very safe boring life if that is what they are afraid of. I am a little afraid of an alligator getting me on my daily walk….crafting …never….it is all about perspective. Love to read your thoughts.

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  9. Thank you Pamellia. The ArtWalk is from June 1st through June 9th. I’ll be showing at The Toadstool Book Store. Have a good evening!


  10. Thanks for the encouragement — kinda needed it right now. Stumbled yesterday but I’m ready to get back on that horse and give it another “go”.


  11. Thanks for the inspiration Lindsay !!
    I’m fearful of wasting supplies on a piece that I don’t even know what I’m going to do with when it’s done, and what if nobody likes it ?
    I love to buy all the latest & greatest, sort & organize, then look at it all, overwhelmed with where to start. I’m gonna keep your words as encouragement to start doing for me and for fun… I want to recycle empty containers instead of throwing out unusable supplies.

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  12. Leslie: Thank you so much for your article. I have watched your post for awhile but have not had the courage to start a watercolor project rather than using stamps. I have never taken an art class and I’m 81 years old. The only place I ever draw is in my mind. I now am going to try to put my images down on the paper. Thank you again for being right on target with so many of your post. Hope you have a great Mother’s Day of doing things just for you.
    Warmest Aloha, Mary

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  13. That fear seems to be very pervasive. I was sketching a child at an airport once, using a ballpoint pen and my journal, and a man said, “You must be very brave, to sketch in ink.” I was taken aback. “It’s just paper,” I said.


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