Enjoying the weather while it lasts

Hi friends. It was full on sunny yesterday, not a cloud in the sky!


I took a long walk, treated myself to take-out and ate my lunch near a pond.




Then I painted a tree. I used the $13 Meeden fan palette and Arteza Watercolor Sketchbook like I did on my Kayak trip the other day. (Affiliate links used)

59744718_10214086278136406_358527879706836992_n (1).jpg

I hope you had a good day. Happy crafting!

14 thoughts on “Enjoying the weather while it lasts

    1. It’s called Field’s Pond, it is rather small compared to out lakes around here:)


  1. getting gloomy down here in Portsmouth, NH too. What kind of book do you use and how do you set up to paint out in nature? I ordered the “fun” pallet.


  2. Sounds like a perfect way to enjoy a beautiful day after the long Maine winter that you have had. It was 85 here today in Tennessee, but that’s 10 degrees above the average. I stayed inside away from the pollen and worked on lesson four of my chalk pastels. A great day for me as well…happy crafting!


  3. I was glad that you got out to paint and relax for a while! I think many of us have “cabin fever”! I know I have, so I spent time outside and it was wonderful! Your painting turned out very nice, and would be a good watercolor video!


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