Enjoying the weather while it lasts

Hi friends. It was full on sunny yesterday, not a cloud in the sky!


I took a long walk, treated myself to take-out and ate my lunch near a pond.




Then I painted a tree. I used the $13 Meeden fan palette and Arteza Watercolor Sketchbook like I did on my Kayak trip the other day. (Affiliate links used)

59744718_10214086278136406_358527879706836992_n (1).jpg

I hope you had a good day. Happy crafting!

14 Responses

  1. Sounds like a lovely way to spend an afternoon!!


  2. Now that is the way to spend a day…………….We had awesome weather this past weekend too……


  3. Awesome…but “pond” ? Little big for that but oh so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


    • It’s called Field’s Pond, it is rather small compared to out lakes around here:)


  4. Your painting is an improvement on the reality : )


  5. That is a great way to relax, appreciate nature and create. Good for you Lindsay.


  6. getting gloomy down here in Portsmouth, NH too. What kind of book do you use and how do you set up to paint out in nature? I ordered the “fun” pallet.


  7. Looks so relaxing!


  8. Glad you got a day to do what you like most and the result is beautiful.


  9. Plein Air? Want to paint rain? Got plenty here


  10. Sounds like a perfect way to enjoy a beautiful day after the long Maine winter that you have had. It was 85 here today in Tennessee, but that’s 10 degrees above the average. I stayed inside away from the pollen and worked on lesson four of my chalk pastels. A great day for me as well…happy crafting!


  11. I was glad that you got out to paint and relax for a while! I think many of us have “cabin fever”! I know I have, so I spent time outside and it was wonderful! Your painting turned out very nice, and would be a good watercolor video!


  12. Oh you are making me so homesick! Your location reminds me of Knights pond. My friend & I would just sit there & listen😀

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  13. Beautiful place, lovely painting. School will be ending soon for most, these few days of sunshine & calm — Enjoy


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