Sketchbook Sunday & A Paddle on the Pond

Hi friends, Today for sketchbook Sunday I have a beachy (kind of) themed sketch. A mason jar of seashells:


I really didn’t know what I was going to work on. I’ve been in a funk but I had this jar of shells on a shelf in my studio for years and I thought that this is as good as anything and I also wanted to use my PanPastels so I decided to use them both.

I hope you enjoyed the time lapse video. The real-time tutorial is available in Critique Club right now. Critique club is a monthly membership group ($5/month) that allows you to submit 2 paintings a month for customized feedback from me. You also get 2 real-time tutorials each month from my Sketchbook Sunday series explained step by step.


If you want to learn more about pastels check out my comprehensive online course Soft Pastels for Beginners. *Save 20% with coupon code TRYME Working with pastels is so fun, if you ever wanted to give it a try but you don’t know where to start this is the class for you! You learn the basics and create 4 complete paintings utilizing the skills and techniques I teach you. It’s a lot of fun too! I hope to see you in class!

I went for my first paddle of the season today…

Wait, let me back up a bit.  I ordered a stand-up paddleboard a month ago because I always wanted one and I thought it would be easier to take that out than a kayak when I want to get on the water. I don’t like to inconvenience anyone to go with me because I often want to stop and paint and it can be boring for others. I knew the paddleboard was heavy (53 lbs) so I started doing some resistance training to build muscle so I would be able to lift it on and off my van to get it to the water. I knew I had plenty of time to “muscle up” before the weather was warm enough because we have been living in perpetual winter since October. I was sitting on the couch drinking my coffee this morning and decided I wanted to go kayaking. Much to my surprise I could now lift, load and manage the kayak all by myself! Also to my surprize, I could shove it in my minivan diagonally! I grabbed a paddle, my life jacket and off I went. It was so peaceful, I was the only person on the pond. I paddled out to an island that is uninhabited as far as I know and took some photos.


I was thinking about pulling up the kayak and getting out to paint when I spotted this:


So many questions! Whos is it, how long has it been there, why is it there? As curious as I was I have watched too many horror movies to know better than to hang around to find out so I high-tailed it out of there as fast as my arms could paddle! After feeling that I had narrowly escaped The Island of Dr Moreau I paused to watch a pair of fishing loons and paint the view towards a marsh that opens up to a larger lake.  I kept drifting and my view kept changing but all in all, I am happy with my sketch.


I used the Meeden watercolor fan palette that I hadn’t used since last summer and the water in that waterbrush sure was musty! I had just put it in the van because I wanted to make sure I always have something handy, I guess I should give that a good clean LOL! That’s all for me today. It’s been a rough winter so I don’t want to waste a single decent day. Don’t take your time on this earth for granted. Do something good today! Happy crafting!



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  1. I love that you have the courage to go out there by yourself; I don’t have that courage. But I love being on the water when I am with someone. Finding that peace within yourself is a great accomplishment. Thanks for the inspiration.

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  2. Hi Lindsay I just was wanting to ask. Where do you do Like on this I never see it here as I do on U tube. I was wondering why I do not see it. Always want to give thumbs up but can’t find it here in word press


    • There is a star you can click to like a post:) should be near the comments.


  3. Did you notify the authorities about the abandoned wheelchair? It bothers me that no one was around. It could be a crime scene. Just sayin”.


    • I posted it to the rounds community facebook page. Someone else saw it a month ago which surprised me because we have had a lot if rain and wind and I would have thought it would have blown into the water.


  4. Where are you in Maine? I have lived in Buxton since 2005 and I just love it here. I saw your site recommended and didn’t even realize you were here in Maine until I started reading. What you came upon on the island would have totally creeped me out…glad you kept paddling. Stay safe.


  5. Oh wow gorgeous


  6. You did a great job on your drawing. I love them.


  7. did you call the authorities about the wheelchair? Oddest of odd places to find one! Proud of you strengthening up to be able to handle your kayak yourself!


    • I reported it on the towns facebok group. Another member went out and brought back the chair today but there was no name. Hopefully if someone is missing it it can be returned.


  8. You are one amazing woman! I hope you get out of your funk (your funk is more like my high energy time, I’m afraid). Anyway, thanks for sharing your exploits, you are an inspiration in so many ways.


  9. Yikes! You are so brave but should get a Garmin tacking device just in case.. I know i don’t want anything bad to happen to you!! LOL You little painting is so pretty! Maine is so pretty! I love it here..


    • Meh, I’m fine, it’s a fairly small pond, there were a couple of people fishing from shore to yell too if I got in trouble. Sometimes you need solitude (impossible to get with other people LOL!)


  10. Lindsay, Lovely story, our waters are cold & running hard, they don’t advise going alone at all, & have a life jacket. I worry now about the empty wheel chair person. I would run too. Did you report it to police? Did you use regular kayak or the new standing one. Glad you had a fun time. If you are looking for ideas. ? How about negative painting, watercolor painting. There are very few out there. Have a great week.

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    • I used a regular kayak, it is way too cold here for the paddleboard, I think I’d have a heart attack if I plunged into those icy waters, pond was iced over just a few weeks ago. I did wear a life jacket:)


  11. Awesome painting. TFS!


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