Double Pocket Card-Seed Packet Holder

Hi Friends! Need an idea for clever mother’s day card?


This card is perfect for any mom with a green thumb. Pop in a packet or two of her favorite flower seeds and write a note on the tag and you have a lovely mother’s day card. You could also slip a gift card in one of the pockets. There are so many options!

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  1. To make the double pocket fold base: Fold paper in half each way, then cut a slit on the fold on the left. Fold the bottom right corner over diagonally so the edge meets up with the middle bottom fold. Fold the upper corner in so the edge is 1” from the center top fold. Fold that portion over the right side. Fold the bottom portion up but unfold the bent over triangle. This will fold to the front and you can add a decorate edge where it folds over if desired. Then fold the rectangle piece to the back of the card and adhere down for stability. Secure edges of the pockets by setting eyelets, stapling or sewing it shut. *Refer to the video for a demonstration.
  2. Fold the circle punch out in half and stamp on a poppy motif. Stamp poppies on the tag as well. Stamp “You’re amazing” in a scrap of cardstock and adhere to card behind a bookplate. Add ribbon to the bookplate and tag.
  3. Adhere the folded circle to the seed packet and place in a pocket.
    Stamp reuse info on the back of the tag and insert in the other pocket.
    Glue down embellishments.
    *This card will fit a standard A2 Envelope

I love cards with a fancy fold or fun twist to them and I hope you do too! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

6 thoughts on “Double Pocket Card-Seed Packet Holder

  1. Enjoyed it. I am beating the You Tube algorithm by double checking for you everywhere! Loved this particular video.


  2. This idea was exactly what I needed to get me going on the 5 graduation cards I needed, and I loved this method of using double sided paper. I made bookmarks to coordinate and stuck them in the back pocket and put cash in the front pocket. Two went to siblings, but no matter, the cards are different colors, decor and themes. Thank you for this one. Oh, and I already shared the idea with a friend who’s just starting into card making.


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