The Funny Thing About YouTube…

Hi friends, I debated whether or not to post this video on my blog because it has more to do with my youtube channel than anything (and how social media manipulates you to stay on their platform longer.) I decided to go ahead and post it because even though you guys probably follow my blog (if you don’t there is a handy subscribe button in the upper left-hand sidebar, it’s free) so you likely get notifications in your WordPress reader or an email when I post a new project. I am SOOOOOOOO grateful to all of my blog subscribers because you trust me enough to invite me into your email inbox:) With my blog, I can reach the people who opt-in to get emails. If you subscribe on YouTube or Facebook (I love those subscribers too!) you may or may not see my posts. I have no control over it. Social media platforms are going to push certain posts to you based on how they want you to behave. I’ll explain why in today’s video. If you have noticed that you are not seeing some of your favorite crafty people on YouTube or other Social Media platforms lately this is probably why.

***This is not a tutorial***

I feel like the art and craft community has been hit lately due to YouTubes shenanigans. I found I was missing videos from some of my favorite creators as well. Most of these creators don’t have a blog audience to reach out to but I am sure we share some subscribers audience so be sure and check up on your faves, you might have missed some good stuff!

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  1. I read a fictional book talking about this!!
    The author didn’t know of a better way to reach people! It worked!
    Yup! Truth is stranger than fiction!!!
    You are the best!


  2. Lindsay:

    I have noticed I have been missing some of the people I follow. No videos or I get an alert there is one and I can’t find it. I have been following you for a long time. In fact you are the first one I ever subscribed to. You have taught me a lot. I watercolor, make cards, use alcohol markers, pastels, color pencils and more because of you. I love making art and wish I could do it every day. Needless to say, I can’t watch YouTube every day because of work, I know I am missing things. I will be retiring soon, and I thought of a YouTube Channel to showing my love for art, but all the things I am hearing, I am not sure if I am going to do that after all the stuff I have been hearing. Thank you for your videos and all the art lessons. I hope I will always see you on my screen when I pull up my YouTube App.



  3. This is so interesting and helpful Lindsay, thank you. I have wondered why I’m not seeing what I subscribe to and get a whole pile of recommendations that don’t interest me at all. For instance why as a person who watches art and craft and music, do I constantly get offered anime, boxing, sport, gaming channels? 🙂 Clearly I’m boring! I shall now make sure to click like on everything I watch that I like and something inconsequential to finish.

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  4. Lindsay, I so appreciate your channel and receiving your blogs via email. I am not a crafter and do more (as time allows) watercolor, pastels and acrylics and absolutely appreciate your lessons. I am very much a novice and have learned so much from you. I know when you are on certain platforms you have to deal with their stuff even if it’s not your stuff and I would think that those on any kind of social media would understand this. One watercolor artist that I watch actually said one time, “I think YouTube hates me”! Those that have subscribed can just go to their home page on YouTube and see when new videos are posted so this shouldn’t be an issue. I check mine regularly and do not depend on other notifications. If fact, I usually see your videos before the email comes. Thank you for taking the time throughout the week to give from your ability. Your teaching is great and truly appreciated whether you are painting (my favorites) or doing a product review. BTW, the cactus turned out beautiful! Aloha and Mahalo!


  5. Thanks for the heads up! I was missing some of my favorite channels. Wondered why I wasn’t seeing them. Love your blog. Keep em coming.


  6. Love the videos you post thanks.


  7. Funny, I just got notification of this video today & it looks like you put it up several days ago. I’m such a dim wit sometimes, I didn’t know about how to find the channels that I subscribe to on Youtube, thanks for the info. It really will make my Youtube watching a lot more enjoyable, being able to just see the channels I want to.


  8. I love you so much Lindsay! You have taught me so much and many others, I am sure. I get no notifications anymore for any of the channels that I watch unless someone is replying to a comment I have made. Fortunately(or not as the case may be), I watch you tube exclusively on my tv. I haven’t watched a regular station in years. Since I am on there so much I do look for my favorites. Come to think of it, I haven’t gotten any posts from you in my email in a long time. I’m going to have to check on that because I know I am subscribed. I am so amazed by some of the garbage that they have allowed to continue unabated, but highly popular channels about even health and wellness have been given the bums rush.


    • I know, I am constantly shaking my head at what is recommended to me. It is easier to get people to watch things that scare or anger them so YuTube and Facebook push that stuff and then they cry when they have bad actors using their platforms for no good.


  9. Wow! This was a real eye opener for me. Thanks for sharing all this information.


  10. You had so many comments on YouTube I wanted to comment here. On Instagram they say that since they had to monetize they were changing the algorithm. Since they did that you never see your friends in your feed. I know they have been shutting people down and policing YouTube but do you think they maybe changed the algorithm there too?


    • it’s always changing, they are always tweaking it to keep people watching longer. On instagram, I think they are trying to get more advertisers to buy ads from Instagram/Facebook and not go directly to influencers so that is what they are mixing it up over there.


  11. I notice a lot more intrusive ads as well..I know itʻs a source of income but 2 minutes? I donʻt like to hit the “skip ad” button but..and I agree with other commenters, why should I be interested in anything about the Jonas Brothers…Iʻm 67 yrs…love your channel and blog..
    Iʻm subscribing to as many crafty channels as I can but what can we do as subscribers?


    • Go ahead and skip those long ones, it will tell youtube you are not interested in that ad, no worries:)


  12. That is about like Twitter was in regards to a pet owner’s account for their own pet.

    Twitter was locking up the dog, cat, bird and whatever other pet simply based on the Birth Date. Because according to the Algorithm, the pet is a juvenile who was born in the early 1980’s.

    Some of the ones that I follow are seriously fighting with Twitter over this. They have to produce documents and veterinary proof that the account is truly for their pet.

    So I have one more for you that involves Facebook. They are trying to get permission to watch the Disabled on Facebook to see if they are truly Disabled. I’m protesting against it, for one O am Disabled and more than not stuck in bed with only my Facebook for communication with family and friends. Just because I am on Facebook that does not negate my Disabilities.

    They are going from one extreme to the other. Much like the Opioid Crises. Which is why I am going without my pain meds and I have been forced to since 2014. But at least now I have a good doctor who is not afraid to actually hear what I have to say. She explains things and is willing to help. We are starting at rock bottom and working up. I have been diagnosed with Myofascial Pain Syndrome and Inflammatory Polyarthritis and Crohn’s. There is the possibility for an autoimmune liver disease and Wilson’s Disease which I am going to be tested for.

    But on the up side, I’m waiting for the Tabletop Easel to arrive tomorrow so I can get back into my drawing once again. I have a very hectic schedule with Puppy Sitting that I only have the early morning and late night, but I’m going to do it!😁 I am not able to pay for your courses yet, I’m hoping to eventually though.

    I’m praying for you to have a Blessed day.

    Kind Regards,

    Karen M Roth
    aka Masquerading Crafter


  13. I personally go straight to my subscription list to catch up, rather than sift through the bilge 😂 but I totally agree with you bringing this up …. not a huge comment maker sorry but I do like the ones I watch 🤣 keep up the good work my love, I for one appreciate the work you put in xx 😘


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