Review of NEW Waffle Flower Water Media Mat & Giveaways!

Hi friends!  I am excited because I have been testing a very special product since December. Some of you have spied it in the background of my videos and asked me about it but I really couldn’t say much publicly about it until now!


It’s the Waffle Flower Water Media Mat which is a non glare, matte white silicone crafting mat meant for use with watercolor, gouache, acrylics and glue.  The folks at Waffle Flower asked me if I would like to be part of their video hop to introduce the mat and I said “Sure! As long as I can post my full review.” and they agreed! So make sure you leave a comment on my YouTube video if you want a chance at winning a $25 gift certificate to Waffle Flower or a Water Media Mat. After you are done You can check out all of the inspirational designers on the Waffle Flower Video hop! Like this video and leave a comment by 4/15 at each stop along your way for your chances to win the mat! I will also draw a random winner from comments left on my video (on YouTube) for a $25 gift certificate to! Winners will be announced on Waffle Flower Blog on Wed 17th! Open Internationally!

Finally I get to share a review on a product I have been using almost daily for 4 months. The Waffle Flower Water Media Mat (*Affiliate links used throughout this post) *For the full review watch the video:)


  • Non stick
  • Heat resistant
  • Non slip/wont skid across table
  • Waterproof
  • Handy marking for taking social media photos and videos
  • Non glare
  • Protects workspace from spills and messes


  • The white silicone stains
  • Can’t be used as a cutting surface
  • Price ($36)




I have been using the Water Media Mat for months and I have to say I really like it for reducing eye strain and clean up. If you don’t mind the staining and it’s in your budget I highly recommend it. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Daffodils from 2 Directions! Paint with Me!

Hi friends! I am so ready for spring! How about you? The weather is not cooperating with us here in Maine but at least we can have our preference when we paint!


This is a beginner friendly project that would also be nice for seasoned painters as a warm up and since I painted on watercolor greeting cards it’s perfect to mail off to a friend in need of some springtime cheer, wouldn’t you say? Watch the video and see how it’s done!

If this tutorial made you interested in painting buckets of beautiful blooms check out my Watercolor Flower Workshop! You will learn the basics of painting many types of flowers in a loose brush stroke style and how to combine them effortlessly into new fresh paintings!

Supplies: *Use what you have, if you need supplies affiliate links have been used at no additional cost to you but your purchase helps keep the free videos coming! Thanks:)

  • Watercolors: Lemon yellow, Gamboge, Sap Green, Phthalo Blue, Rose  *I used this Holbien set but it has nearly tripled in price since I bought it. This Shinhan set is very similar and affordable at $26 for 30 colors.
  • Watercolor Greeting Cards: I get these in bulk because they are so handy for quick sketches and the come with envelopes for 31 cents a piece!
  • Brushes: I used this set by Zen *Be sure to click the $5 off coupon to get the set of 6 for $20
  • Reference book: *I love all of the books in this series, keep your eyes open on amazon for when these used books show up, I waited and paid between $5-$25 for each book in this series. Worth every penny!

I had such a fun and relaxing time painting with you today, There is something so graceful and beautiful about daffodils, not to mention cheerful. I hope you paint them too! Happy crafting!

Wow! Big Unicorn Paper Sculpture!

Hi friends! Paper is an amazing material. You can bend, fold and twist it and make really neat stuff like this big unicorn wall art!


I wish I knew about these when my kids were little, this would have been a wonderful party or room decoration! Watch the video to see how I made it!

This huge wall mounted unicorn was made from cardstock and an inexpensive template from today’s sponsor Origadream! LIMITED TIME SAVINGS: Save 10% on all products in Origadream Etsy shop with coupon code LINDSAY


  • Unicorn Papercraft PDF Template
  • Thin, strong double-sided tape (I used Scor-Tape in 1/8″ & 1/4″ widths)
  • Cardstock (I used #65)
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Scoring board (I used a score pal) or you can use a bone folder/butter knife and a ruler to score fold lines.
  • Time and patience:)


  1. This kit comes with very detailed illustrated instructions. Either print them out or have them open on your computer as you work in case you get confused.
  2. Work in an assembly line fashion: Cut all pieces, score and fold all pieces and add tape to the back of tabs before assembling. *Having a friend help you will make it fun and save time!
  3. Plan on 8-12 total hours (printing, cutting, scoring, folding and assembling) to complete this project.

I love that you can make these paper sculptures to inexpensively make a big impact in your home.  They are surprisingly sturdy too! If you have a party coming up or just want a way to add a bit of whimsy to your home check out Origadream and make something awesome! Happy crafting!

You Could Sell That, but do You Want to?

Hi friends, do you ever feel like you need a reason to make something? I had been feeling like it was a wasted effort to create something just for me. I thought I was alone in feeling this until I read this article and I realized that I was not the only one feeling this way and with the popularity of social media the need for approval of our creations has gotten in the way of us creating just for fun. Have a listen to the video and let me know what you think in the comments below.

It seems like in this age of the side hustle “having a hobby” is not good enough. We need to pressure ourselves into making a living from it. I know I have encouraged thousands of people to turn their passion into profit and while there is nothing wrong with that you should have something that is just for you that you don’t have to feel obligated to share if you don’t want to.

It’s like the food blogger who creates beautiful meals but they never get to eat a hot meal because it’s cold by the time they have photographed it. You deserve to enjoy your hobby, that’s why we have them. If you find yourself feeling that your art isn’t good enough unless it sells or gets 100 likes on Instagram it might be time to step back.

True honesty here, I totally need to practice what I preach! It’s hard to grow when everything you do is being watched and judged, that’s why it’s important to have that private creative time. It’s also important not to equate sales and likes with your self-worth. You can forget what you even like anymore when the approval of others guide your creativity. Take a bit of quiet time to doodle in a sketchbook or work on a painting that you want to make, art doesn’t need a practical reason. The personal fulfillment and enjoyment are enough.

I hope this little rant was helpful to you:) Happy crafting!

Sketchbook Sunday with a Side of Garlic!

Howdy friends! Today I was inspired by an ingredient on my kitchen counter…


Watch the video to see who it came together. If you are interested in a real-time tutorial of this painting you can find it in Critique Club. Critique club is a monthly membership group you can join for $5 a month and upload up to 2 paintings a month for in-depth feedback from me. You also get 2 real-time lessons (the long versions of 2 sketchbook Sunday tutorials) per month as well as past archived lessons while you are a member. You can learn more or join here.

Supplies: (Affiliate links used)

I also have a pastel course if you would love to learn more about the medium. You can get more information on Soft Pastel for Beginners here. Later this week I’ll have  a review of the pastels I used in this video in case you want more info on those, spoiler alert, I really like them! Have a great Sunday and til next time happy crafting!

Mother’s Day Card with Embellished Raveled Rose Trim & Foil!

Hi friends! Today we will make this sweet, yet simple card!


I apologize to viewers in other parts of the work who already celebrated Mother’s Day, in America it’s in May. You can always change up the sentiment for a birthday or other occasion card:)

This video is sponsored by Rubber Stamp Tapestry  Use coupon code: LINDSAY and receive 15% off your retail order of $10 or more of peg stamps, peg stamp sets, and unmounted stamps! Coupon expires a week from this video publication. Continue to receive great deals by becoming a PegStamp VIP here. As a PegStamp VIP you’ll get a weekly deal via email plus links to fabulous tutorials by me, Lindsay the Frugal Crafter and other designers



  1. Make a 5”x7” card from heavyweight rose patterned cardstock. Cut a 2” strip of white card, and a 2.5” strip of red.
  2. Stamp happy birthday on the white strip and embellish with stamped poppies.
  3. Adhere the white to the red strip and trim to fit across your card.
  4. Use double-sided tape to apply pink foil to your stamped panel. Trace the sentiment with a glue pen, let dry and press on green foil.
  5. Stamp Sentiment inside card and embellish with rose and leave stamps.
  6. Adhere rose ribbon to front of card and glue rhinestones in the rose ribbon centers.

I hope you try this fun card and till next time happy crafting!


Let’s Paint a Magnolia in 4 Colors, No Drawing Required!

Hi friends! Are you ready for a quick and easy watercolor lesson?


Watch the video and follow along! Remember to relax and have fun!


  • Watercolors: *Colbalt blue (or ultramarine), Mauve (or magenta-any pinkish violet), Sap green (or Hookers Green, Cinnabar Green), Burnt Sienna (or English red, venitian red, light red, any reddish-brown)
  • Hot pressed watercolor block *Look for 100% cotton for easier control, this aquabee is a great choice and very inexpensive!
  • Brushes: 0 quill (or #10 round), #2 liner, 3/8″ dagger, 1.4″ deerfoot stippler
  • Reference photo

Want more real-time watercolor floral lessons? Check out Watercolor Flower workshop! Save 30% by clicking this discount link. *Use coupon code 15HACKS if discount doesn’t show up. This course focuses on brush control and building flowers with brushstrokes. I also show you the variety of strokes you can make with rounds, flats, angles, daggers and wedge brushes and how you can achieve different results doing the same strokes with different brushes. You will learn how to easily paint a variety of flowers and arrange them in bouquets, wreaths and designs you create with your imagination for infinite options! I hope yo see you in class! Click here to learn more or enroll today! Happy crafting!

Scratch Paper in Your Die Cutter? What!?!

*Disclaimer: This technique is not endorsed by any die cut machine, do this at your own risk. I am not responsible for your machine so use your common sense when trying this, or any other “off brand” technique.

Hi friends! Have you heard about the Foil Quill from We R Memory Keepers?  it is a heat up pen that lets you foil designs that you can create with your electronic die cutters by inserting it in the blade holder of whatever electronic cutter you have such as a Cricut, Brother Scan n Cut, Silhouette etc. I thought the effects were beautiful but I didn’t want to invest in an expensive tool that I probably wouldn’t use that often, not to mention the foil can be pricey too. Then I realized that I could get the same effect with a much cheaper supply….Scratch Art paper!


Watch the video to lean how to use this with your electronic die cutter!

The set of scratch boards I had have gold, silver and rainbow designs. The upside is that you can make lots of die cut foiled (or rainbow) designs for little money.

The cons are that you are limited to black as your base color and silver, gold or rainbow (or whatever color your scratch board happens to be) as opposed to the hot foil quill that can use a variety of foil colors on a variety of cardstock. Another downside is you might need to clean the scratched off bits from your mat or maybe the rollers on your machine but it was not a big deal, just thought you should know. I hope you enjoyed this fun and frugal idea and til next time happy crafting!

Bubbly Betta Fish // Gouache on Canvas

Hi friends! Sorry this post is late, I uploaded it to YouTube yesterday for Sketchbook Sunday but was too busy yesterday to blog it. My son is getting ready to take is drivers licence test and needs more hours of practice to be eligible so we drove down to visit my parents and sister and her family. We had a great time but got home late and I could barely keep my eyes open long enough to get through my email.


So better late than never right? This painting was a struggle. I almost tossed it in the fire pit about halfway through. But the awesome thing about almost giving up hope on a painting is the freedom in knowing “well, I can’t make it any worse!” and then you can relax and have fun. I hope this in enjoyable to watch and I hope it shows you that everyone struggles sometimes.

Sponsored by Smart Art Box. Visit their website to purchase a subscription, see available past boxes and see what countries they ship to.

Today I am using supplies from the March 2019 Smart Art Box. Occasionally they have extra boxes for sale here, Otherwise you can find the supplies below:

So the next time you are frustrated with a painting don’t be afraid to take a break and then go wild with it. After all, what’s the worse that can happen? Happy crafting!

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