What should I do with these wood slices?

Hi friends! I have had a crazy week and one of the calming projects I worked on to center myself was stamping and coloring on these wood slices.


I tested out Prismacolor (left), Arteza (center), and Polychromos (right) and surprisingly the least expensive pencils did the best and didn’t wear down as quickly as the other two.


I can see why coloring books are so popular! I chose some large open images so they would stamp well on the wood and so they would be big enough to get in there and color with my pencils. I got a box of 45 wood slices so I am wondering if you have any ideas to help me use the rest up. I am using the ones I colored here as coasters. I want to see how they hold up without sealer on them because sometimes if you seal a coater it sticks to a cup. I figured if it could absorb a bit of moisture it would be good. They would also make unusual gift tags and ornaments too (Although I admit I often lose steam on a project if I have to finish the backside as well LOL!)


Supplies: (Affiliate links used)

I like that this project gave me some relaxation during a high anxiety time for me and I got to use some stamps that I have not had out in a while. If you have any tips on using up the rest please let me know! I have a feeling I am entering a high-stress season of life and I’ll take all the calming help I can get! Happy crafting!

15 thoughts on “What should I do with these wood slices?

  1. Hi Lindsay: I have a wooden box that I’ve sealed. I was thinking of doing coloured pencils on it. Do you know how I would seal it? I didn’t think my regular brush on varnish would work on coloured pencil. But maybe a spray varnish? It’s a white pickled look, and I don’t want to get fingerprint or marks on it, which is why I wanted to seal it.
    Thanks for your help, Carol

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  2. Love all your projects. This one is colorful and fun. Answer to your question you can make wind chimes out of some of them. Also you are probably aware of the Art Abandonment group you could join this group and spread your left over projects around and spread more joy in this world of need. Keep up the good job.


  3. I think these wood slices would be so pretty as a banner tied with that jute. They could be alternated with other natural elements. Decorated words or names (like a modern take on illuminated lettering) on some of these might be nice, and could be hung on or near door areas. A few over the kitchen sink would be cute, too. The banner would be very cute hung across a window or mantle, or so cheerful in an outdoor area.

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  4. Love these wood slices! You made them so colorful with pencils. I used wood slices for making photo ornaments last Christmas, so that’s one idea for the ones you have left. I too find coloring very calming 🙂


  5. It’s Spring here. I would love to see you do a bluebird and a junco and a chickadee on the wood slices and then polyurethane them and use them as either coasters or as trivets in the kitchen 😁😇😍🙏

    Have a blessed day ahead!

    Kind Regards,

    Karen M Roth


  6. I made 80 wood slice ornaments last year. I stamped and colored on one side, so that I could sign and date the other side. They were a huge hit.

    With the remainders, you could join them together to make a kitchen trivet. Ornaments, you would have the rest of the year to work on them and hopefully not get burnt out as there wouldn’t be a rush to finish them.


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