Let’s Paint a Magnolia in 4 Colors, No Drawing Required!

Hi friends! Are you ready for a quick and easy watercolor lesson?


Watch the video and follow along! Remember to relax and have fun!


  • Watercolors: *Colbalt blue (or ultramarine), Mauve (or magenta-any pinkish violet), Sap green (or Hookers Green, Cinnabar Green), Burnt Sienna (or English red, venitian red, light red, any reddish-brown)
  • Hot pressed watercolor block *Look for 100% cotton for easier control, this aquabee is a great choice and very inexpensive!
  • Brushes: 0 quill (or #10 round), #2 liner, 3/8″ dagger, 1.4″ deerfoot stippler
  • Reference photo

Want more real-time watercolor floral lessons? Check out Watercolor Flower workshop! Save 30% by clicking this discount link. *Use coupon code 15HACKS if discount doesn’t show up. This course focuses on brush control and building flowers with brushstrokes. I also show you the variety of strokes you can make with rounds, flats, angles, daggers and wedge brushes and how you can achieve different results doing the same strokes with different brushes. You will learn how to easily paint a variety of flowers and arrange them in bouquets, wreaths and designs you create with your imagination for infinite options! I hope yo see you in class! Click here to learn more or enroll today! Happy crafting!


4 Responses

  1. You listed hot press, but the paper you linked is cold press. What brand did you actually use? This painting if fabulous! Thanks for sharing.


  2. I figured it out, no need to answer my question! Still love the painting!


  3. […] Let’s Paint a Magnolia in 4 Colors, No Drawing Required […]


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