Don’t be Confused by Color! Try These Tips Instead!

Hi friends! Today I am going to share ways to make coloring with alcohol markers so much easier no matter what brand or mix of brands you have!


I will be demonstrating my technique with my 120 color Ohuhu alcohol marker set. They are probably the most affordable brand of alcohol markers on the market so you do not need expensive pens for this to work. I reviewed the Ohuhu Markers in the past and was very impressed with them, especially when they swatched over to the new style, you can see a comparison here if you want more information. In today’s video, I am going to share a grouping technique that will work with any brand of alcohol marker tho.  The first 13 minutes of this video shows my swatch guide method. The remainder of the video is a coloring demo.

Supplies & Resources (affiliate links used)

Here’s what to do (as explained in the video)
1. Swatch out all of your markers noting the brand and color number on your swatch.


2. Sort your markers in groups by their color and undertones. For instance, you would have pinks, pinkish reds, neutral reads, coral/orange reds, warm (orange) yellows, cool (green-leaning) yellows, yellow-greens, teals, blues, purples, cool grays, warm grays, neutrals etc.

*Sort them as specifically as you like. If you are new to coloring with alcohol markers keep groups smaller (less than 6 colors) but no more than 12. *If you have more than 12 break them into two groups that are more specific. Secure each group with a rubber band.

3. Swatch the colors on a strip of cardstock. *Always swatch on the paper you normally use for markers.

4. Punch a circle in the center of each swatch. *You can peek through the circle to help choose colors for projects or when shopping for new markers.

***Bring this swatch with you when you shop to avoid buying duplicate color and to make sure you are purchasing colors that will work with what you have. Update your swatch when you get new markers.


Coloring tips:

  • Choose a light, medium and dark version of a color for blending. I like to work dark to light but if your paper doesn’t blend well prime an area with the lightest color first and then work dark to light.
  • If you have limited colors or you are not happy with your marker colors you can enhance with darker or lighter colored pencils.
  • A white pen is handy for bright highlights and shine.

One more thing!

The Ohuhu markers I mention above are a great value at about 50 cents a marker but I know many of you are looking for brush tip markers because they are softer and make blending large areas easier and I just saw that Consumer Crafts has their Studio 71 alcohol markers that feature a brush tip on one end and chisel on the other on sale this week! I have a review of that brand with swatched and blending recipes here if interested.


Prices on the Studio 71 brush tip alcohol marker sets are good through April 1st while supplies last. You really can’t beat it for $1 per marker or less! I have the 48 pack and it is really comprehensive.

4 Responses

  1. This is a treasure trove of information. Thank you Lindsay. As always an awesome tutorial.

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  2. Oh, Wow! Thank you, Lindsey!! I see Simon says has all their Copics 25% off today. I still won’t pay that amount of money. It’s just the principal of the thing with me. I have nothing against Copics, my daughter will only put her sweet little fingers around that brand of A-markers. But I have been using Artist Loft which I like, but the felt ends are shot, so no smaller coloring for those (I hated that. The colors were nice.) I picked up some Chinese brand from Wish and they are just fine, but the tips are actually hard!! LOL, exact same difference, right, follow me?

    Any how, I was sure you had recommended a brand, but I couldn’t remember and now I know. I will look into the Ohuhu after Lent, as I have given up unnecessary internet purchasing for the season and I just hope and pray (honestly, I haven’t prayed about it) I will continue giving up unnecessary internet buying. Good Lord knows I have all I need, but I just need more…I think you know what I’m feeling.

    Also, I have been meaning to thank you for all you do with art education. You give an appreciation for art and we all need that sometimes more than what colors to use where. Maybe not everyone can draw and color simple flowers, but everyone can appreciate the art of art (hee-hee) if they are taught properly.

    Stopping now, my frugal friend.

    Pamellia Smith

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  3. I woundn’t worry about the length of your videos as long as you are accomplishing what you intend. People always have the option of not watching or watching in smaller time segments,which I do sometimes. Right now I am doing laundry and watching your video. I pause it, deal with the laundry and come back to it. I love your videos as I always learn something. I wish I had your background in coloration (is that a word) but was a math major in college and have only in the last ten years starting doing some art. Still struggle but I know that with practice I will get better. Thanks for sharing your talent.

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  4. thanks for the tips on how to get around buying all possible coloring pens! I just don’t have the room and appreciate ways to use what I have already.


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