Draw & Paint Crocuses! Easy Real Time Tutorial!

Hi friends! Today we will draw and paint some crocus flowers! This would be pretty to paint on a greeting card to send someone a springtime greeting. Crocuses are often the first flowers of spring and they even pop up through the snow! Talk about optimism!


In this beginner watercolor tutorial you will learn how to paint translucent flower petals and add details.

Supplies (Affiliate links to Arteza and Amazon used, if shopping on the Arteza website use coupon code FRUGAL10 for 10% off)

If you would like more flower painting watercolor tutorials check out my Watercolor Flower Workshop! I hope your first full day of spring is a good one and til next time happy crafting!


3 thoughts on “Draw & Paint Crocuses! Easy Real Time Tutorial!

  1. Has anyone had problems with Strathmore watercolor card stock from Amazon? I buy 100 cards at a time. The last box was very “dimpled” and my latest batch has no texture at all. As soon as I apply a wet brush it soaks in and I can barely move the color around. I like to send little pieces of art to my friends and this is very frustrating.


    1. It sounds like you got the wrong ones. I’d return them or contact the seller because there might have been a factory or warehouse mixup.


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