Live Stream Today 1pm ET & A New Pastel Class!

Hi friends! Today we will paint a pretty snowy cardinal using soft pastels during a live stream. Sarah will be in the studio too! The gangs all here as they say:) I wanted to share a pastel lesson today to celebrate my new course Soft Pastel for Beginners! You can read more about that and get 50% off later in this blog post. 🙂


I am going to be working on velour paper but you can use any pastel or drawing (even watercolor paper) you like. I opted for velour because my live stream camera picks up EVERY little sound and you don’t hear the pastel sound on velour LOL! Below is an example I did on Hahnemule Ingres pastel paper which is a typical pastel paper.


You can use any pastels you have, simply hold them up to the screen next to the chart below to choose similar colors.


You can watch the live stream, or the replay, in the player below but if you want to chat live with us or ask questions as we go be sure to watch on YouTube.

Supplies (affiliate links used)

OK, Now some Exciting News!!! And 50% off!

My Pastel Class is Open for Enrollment! I have been working on this course for so long because I wanted to create a course that would take a beginner from using pastels for the first time to creating beautiful paintings with confidence and ease. I wanted it to use basic supplies that could be purchased inexpensively (or the student can use what they have) and I wanted to teach you about other materials that might better suit your style and preferences. This new course, Soft Pastel for Beginners, was born out of the desire to inspire you on your artistic journey!


In this course you will learn about the supplies for soft pastel painting and the techniques for using them so you can build a strong foundation. You will learn many ways to apply the pastel to create beautiful blends and the skills to create terrific textures.


I’ll show you how to care for your finished paintings, from using fixative, storing and cutting specialized mats and framing advice to display your stunning creations!


In this course I recommend a simple list of materials to get you started:


I believe that soft pastel is a medium anyone can enjoy but the most common issue students have with pastel is the mess on your hands and the “scratchiness” on the paper. If that sounds like you I’ll show you pan pastels, these are cakes of extra soft pastel that you apply with foam applicator. I will show you how they are used and how you can translate a stick pastel technique to pan pastels and vice versa.



I hope you join me on this pastel adventure and I am giving all of my friends 50% off with coupon code COLOR (or simply use one of the special discount links in this blog post) through the end of February.



Thank you for all of the support and encouragement you have given me as I worked on Soft Pastels for Beginners. I appreciate it so much. I hope you love the class and til next time happy crafting!


12 Responses

  1. Hello, You sooo inspire me every day!! Your energy is unbelievable and boundless. I really want to take your pastel class but I just started a new job and I don’t get paid till the 23 of February. Can I still get the discount? And would it even be available? I see how much you care for us out here in the land of the Internet. And sometimes your face is the only face I see for months. Your cleaning your craft room really got me going. Now that’s what I am working on. I look like a hoarder at the moment, no exaggeration see video on Jennifer the maker organise your craft room in 30 days and you will see my video there. I love when you have your friends on and you guys laugh and have coffee over crafts and creativity. Again, here is a toast I am raising my cup to you. Thanks for all you do. Bye, Theresa Rector-Prenger

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    • Thank you Theresa! Yes, the discount is good through 2/28/19:) As for the craft room clean up you can do it. If overwhelmed set a timer for 15 minutes and plow through whatever you can in 15 minutes if you still feel like working after that great! If not take a break. It is easy to get overwhelmed but you’ve got this:)


  2. I don’t think I’ll be home in time for the live feed, but I’ll certainly be watching it later and trying my hand at this. I haven’t finished the watercoloring class with you, but I have already signed up for this one. I really like this medium a lot, and will definitely get a lot of practice and technique advice. Thanks for this opportunity!


    • thanks for joining! The great thing about both medias is you can use them together. Many a watercolor of mine has been helped buy a few strategic touches of pastel at the end:) Thanks for commenting Martha!


  3. What a gorgeous bird. I love the bright colors Hugs,Bobbi


  4. Hi Lindsay, a while back you demonstrated stenciling with Faber Castell cardstock stencils. In order to make them water resistant, you recommended a coating of glaze. I did that but now all the openings in my stencils are covered with film-very hard to remove esp the tiny openings. Any suggestions? Thank you!


  5. Ok, I’m in. Got registered this morning, must learn to use my pan pastels. When does the class go live? It tells me I’m in but then tells me to login again, very confusing, but that’s me, I need pictures.


  6. This looks to be an exciting class! Thought you might like to know that the French name Ingres is simply pronounced Ang, ignoring the res at the end of the name. The pastels are named for the French artist Jean Auguste Inges.


  7. All I have are Derwent pastel pencils. Will the pencils be appropriate for the class? I don’t want to buy something if I don’t have to.


    • Hi Karen, those pencils will work great but you will want some pastel sticks as well but they need not be expensive:)


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