Sketchbook Sunday Portrait of a Woman & Brush Winners Announced!

Hi friends! First up let me announce the 10 winners of their choice of a Mythos brush set from Royal & Langnickel from last weeks post: Gilbert, Kennedy Ramos, Annette Fournier, Sparklegirl59, Lizzie Saunders-Pacheco, Georgia Franko, Karla Lindblad, Linda DB, srwilderart and Bonnie Warren! *Winners, I replied to your comment and sent you an email to the address on your account you make comments with. Follow the instructions in your email to receive the set of your choosing.


Today for Sketchbook Sunday we have a portrait of a woman in watercolor. Sorry the post is so late, I was thoroughly enjoying a lazy Sunday. I picked up a few used paperbacks at the bookstore yesterday and today I finished one (The Women of Brewster Place by Gloria Naylor) and then I took a nap! Life is good:) Anyhow, here is this weeks Sketchbook Sunday Time Lapse.

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By the way I just posted a real-time version of last week’s Sketchbook Sunday project (Chicken in Gouache) in Critique Club if anyone is interested. *Critique Club is a group in my Teachable school where members can share the paintings they are working on or have finished for critique and I also post real-time version of 2 of my Sketchbook Sunday projects as step by step narrated lessons. Cost is $5 a month and all levels and media are welcome to join.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and til next time happy crafting!





6 Responses

  1. In a realistic vportrait the eyes are at the halfway point between the top of the head and the chin.


  2. What a beautifully painted portrait. I love this!


  3. Greetings Lindsay, When I think about all you do and what us ‘watchers/doers’ get from you for ‘free’, you deserve all the downtime you can manage. I think about all the industries that benefit from your videos, not to mention YT itself. The art/craft industry has exploded since YT and no small part is attributable to you (and fellow art/crafters.

    You run a household with 3 kids, do all sorts of other things. Give yourself freely and without guile and advise with empathy on all sorts of aspects of life in general and art/crafting in particular.

    Sorry – hope you don’t mind this ‘mini rant’. I am a strange person – I often think about all sorts of odd things, like what it takes to do anything and everything. Those who haven’t run their own ‘show’ whatever it might be, can’t know how much is involved in the final presentation.

    PS: The portrait is lovely, and very identifiable as a LW 🙂

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  4. VAUuu, I like her skin tones. I must try to do somtehing like that this satturady. Respect to an artist!


  5. LOVE your watercolor portrait, Lindsay! I’d like to learn to do this. Please let us all know if you start a portraiture class!


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