Valentine Cards with ATC Coins & Testing YOUR Stamp Block Cleaning Tips!

Hi friends! I have two videos for you today that I hope you will enjoy! First we will make a couple of cute cards using artist trading coin supplies. Artist Trading Coins (a spin on artist trading cards) are 2.5″ round disks you can decorate and swap with other artists and crafters. I thought they would also be cute used as card embellishments! You might notice how clean my usual grimy stamp blocks are in this video…well, I have YOU to thank for that! Last week I asked for advice in cleaning my gross acrylic stamp blocks and you shared some fabulous ideas and I put them to the test!


But first let’s make some cards. I packed this video full of tips from fussy cutting, stretching your stamps and using old products. I hope you gain some inspiration!

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Other Supplies:

  • Cardstock in white, red and kraft
  • Pattern paper
  • Woodgrain embossing folder
  • Inks in red, brown, black and tan
  • Watercolors and waterbrush (I used the Pretty Excellent brand *affiliate link)
  • Scissors, trimmer, circle cutter
  • Twine
  • Embellishments like die cut hearts, leaves and enamel dots

Now let’s clean those acrylic stamp mounts!

I asked viewers how they clean their acrylic blocks and keep them looking like new. The most popular suggestions were rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer and a magic eraser. Nail polish remover and goo-gone was also mentioned for tricky stains. Watch me put these to the test in today’s video! (I don’t recommend the good-gone or nail polish removers on acrylic blocks because they can damage some plastics. After trying all of these tricks I washed my blocks in hot soapy water just to be sure any chemical residue would be removed.

#1 Rubbing alcohol: Spray alcohol on stamp block and wipe with a rag. This worked great on all ink smudges but did not remove any adhesive grime.

#2 Hand Sanitizer (alcohol based) This worked as well as rubbing alcohol if applied and rubbed off. If you have any adhesive residue on your blog let the hand sanitizer gel sit on it for 20 minutes and you can rub it off.

#3 Magic Eraser: A damp magic eraser removed most ink and even acrylic paint I had on some blocks. The eraser crumbles and would need to re replaced eventually but you don’t have to use chemicals. Potential downside: The sponge may mike tiny scratches on the block and rough it up so stamps won’t cling overtime so you might want to use this only in case of emergency.

#4 Acetone based nail polish remover. This removed inks but there was no benefit to it over alcohol and it might cloud your blocks.

#5 Goof-off/goo-gone: This worked on the adhesives on my stamps but it may damage plastics so I would avoid it unless necessary.

*Other suggestions were a lawn fawn stamp shammy (I don’t have one) and novis plastic cleaner but I don’t have that either but luckily the alcohol did the trick! I did wash all the blocks off in warm soapy water afterward and they look almost as good as new!

Thanks so much for reading through this long post, I appreciate it! I hope you found these tips useful and til next time happy crafting!


11 Responses

  1. Hi Lindsay,
    I loved your tutorial, as I love all of them. I have a question about the glue you used. Yes I looked on your Amazon link but it wasn’t there.
    I am looking for a glue where I can still move the paper or die cut a bit before it dries. But all of the glues I bought here in America are water based and they crinkle paper/cardstock. What glue did you use and is it also water based? The stuff I brought from Europe is almost gone and I am looking for a good substitute. (My glue is clear and there is a warning sign on it that it is flammable or something. But oh boy it is fantastic stuff for making cards!)
    Thanks for your help


    • I’m living in Europe and am very interested in what kind of glue you think is that good.


      • Hi Pamela,
        I usually got my glue from a store in Holland, Action, and it is called ‘Cre-Ation’. It is an all purpose glue. It is a strong transparent adhesion; solvent based. It is most likely produced or imported by a Dutch company: Cre-Ation.
        I also like ‘Velpon’ sold in a tube. Same sort of glue. I hope this helps.


  2. I absolutely love these cards! Thank you.


  3. I usually use baby oil or olive oil to remove sticky glue grime and rinse it off with detergent. After that you can use rubbing alcohol to get rid of the ink.


  4. What amazing cards, thanks for the advice for cleaning blocks, mine are so bad I can hardly see through them!


  5. Great cards and colors. Fun designs.. I use the hand sanitizer for cleaning my blocks. Glad to see all the products you used. Your videos are always so informative.


  6. Great videos Lindsay, I can’t believe You keep coming up with new tips. Loved the way you handled the fingers! The initials in the tree was such a great idea too. Now if I could get the hardened glue of my blocks as well as you, it seems like concrete!


  7. Hello Lindsay,

    I posted a comment on your blog, not sure if you have seen it yet, but there was a response on mine from Pamela. She asked what kind of glue I like that I brought to America from Europe. I do not want to post pictures I made from that glue so I will send those to you and you can decide if and how you show those to Pamela. I will reply to her on your blog and let her know more details about my preferred (but almost gone now) glue.

    Thank you and have a wonderful day,


    P.S. #1 Do you have snow too? We in Ohio have snow today. Unfortunately not a lot (I love snow).

    P.S. #2 I probably should have started with this but I wish you a wonderful, happy, healthy and very creative New Year. I enjoy your posts and YouTube tutorials a lot. There are not that many good teachers on YouTube (as you probably know) but you are. Thank you and I hope you will continue the good tips, inspirations and tutorials.



  8. Hello Lindsay,

    I forgot to add the two pictures. I sent a short email with the pictures but it might have gone wrong somehow. So I try again. Sorry for all the issues…

    Enjoy your weekend!




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