My Watercolor Went Off The Rails LOL!

Hi friends!  I started this clylamen flower painting intending to do a simple ink and wash watercolor. I though, maybe a little gold ink, that won’t hurt anything, then I thought a samp would be nice and oh! What about a stencil? Yes!


So I am sorry if you were expecting a simple watercolor today (and you can do just that aspect of the painting if you like) but I did enjoy letting my intuition take over and create from the heart. I hope you enjoy this quite in-depth video tutorial. I hope it inspires you to grab your supplies and play too!

Supplies *Affiliate links may be used. Feel free to substitute with supplies you have on hand.

I bet if you dig through you supply stash will find supplies you have forgotten about (like my 15-year-old bottle of gold ink) that would love to be put to use. With mixed media art(or any art or craft really) the point is to take an idea and make it your own so see what you have and make something new! Thanks for watching and til next time happy crafting!

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  1. Beautiful composition!!!

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  2. Well why not. Just go with the flow.

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  3. Oh this is GORGEOUS!!Painting with wild abandon!! Just the way we should all paint! 💕Holly Watson

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  4. Lindsay, you are so talented and this new direction is perfect for you. You can do it ALL. I loved your Friday tutorials but this gives you so much more to delve into. I love your enthusiasm and it is very good to inspire others.
    Thank you for all you do to promote art.

    Pat M.

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  5. You know the best happens like this. Happens every time!

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  6. This was a fun session Lindsay! Because of the holidays I have not had time to paint. This session broke through the inertia of not painting. Thanks for the tips on masking and resist. Good techniques to use.


  7. I can’t express enough how much fun it was to watch you take that simple watercolor to a whole new level. That’s the stuff of magic and the way I would like to do art. Thank you for taking us on that ride with you. You’re my favorite watercolor teacher because you share the joy and it makes me think I can paint, too. 👏Thanks a bunch🥰❣️


  8. Hearts and Hugs Lindsay happy 2019 the key with the dip pen is the angle needs to be more vertical to the work, (years using one to do caligraphy for the SCA scrolls) I haven’t used dip ink in years but this has me inspired!


  9. No it was not boring and I stayed to the end. I loved seeing how you created the beautiful flowers and leaves. The pencil idea is wonderful and finishing with different pencil shading was a great idea. I love the gold and richness. To me it seemed shiny enough. I love this beautiful painting. I love water coloring and you always have me hooked in when you are painting.


  10. You know how you talk about turning your work? With dip pens, it is always best to pull towards you. When you push the nib away from you it is working against the range of the nib being able to spread and release a smooth flow of ink, and it may even catch on the paper. I really love this project!


  11. I’m a calligrapher and I hate that ink. It’s far more likely to be the ink rather than your pen. Cheap is ok as long as it’s not too worn down. I far prefer sumi ink though it isn’t waterproof. Check out The Postman’s Knock for her waterproof ink recommendations. Off to watch the rest of the vid!


  12. I watched till the very end loved every second Lindz. Love the way it evolved into the bigger painting and adding the gold was pure genius. Really have to have a go at this plus the chicken. I love all your videos, the very first one I saw was the glycerine, and I knew I has to subscribe hahaha stile makes me laugh now even thinking about it hahahaha x

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