Sketchbook Sunday & Can I offer you some constructive criticism?

Hi friends! I’m so excited to share something I have been thinking about for a while. I often get asked by viewers if they can share their art with me and I love seeing it. I have noticed the amazing progress my students in my online classes make as they work through the lessons and get feedback on each one. They can improve the problem areas in a painting and keep the things that are working. I think being able to give that feedback honestly pushes their skills to new levels. I have wanted to offer that service to more people so that’s why I came up with Critique Club!


You can post any painting or drawing that you are currently working on or have finished to get personalized feedback by me (and encouragement by others) and you can make corrections and post them if you like. Often a new set of eyes can pick out something “off” in a painting you might have missed or help you appreciate an overlooked good part in your paintings that you might have taken for granted. You can even learn by seeing other student’s art and their critique because we often find we share the same struggles.


I wanted to make this group extra valuable so I decided to take two of my sketchbook Sunday projects each month and post them in real-time with narration so you can see how I work through the paintings, what is going on in my mind and how I overcome obstacles during the painting process. The poinsettia painting from this weeks Sketchbook Sunday is available in the group now and a new lesson will post in the group every 2 weeks. Even if you don’t have a chance (or you are a bit shy at first) to post a painting you can still enjoy the painting lessons. The cost of Critique Club is $5 a month and you can cancel anytime.


Since it is Sketchbook Sunday I have a time-lapse painting of something I wanted to work on this week. I purchased this pretty little poinsettia two weeks ago for 88 cents at Mardens. I loved the unusual red and yellow pattern on the leaves and I though the yellow veining was especially striking. As always I am never quite sure how my Sketchbook Sunday paintings will go (that is part of the fun, challenging myself, experimenting and trying different techniques) and this was no different but I did learn a thing or two. I hope you do too and that it inspires you to work in your sketchbook today!

I highly suggest you try cropping a page either with tape or by drawing a box to work inside. Something as simple as that can give you a whole new perspective on your subject. Remember if you want a full real-time tutorial of this painting it is included with your Critique Club membership.


  • Watercolors (Renesans) Carmine, lemon yellow, sap green, indanthrone blue and phthalo turquoise.
  • Watercolor paper (Hahnemuhle)
  • Brushes: #2, #8 round
  • Other: masking tape, pencil, eraser, and assorted colored pencils.

I hope you enjoyed today’s Sketchbook Sunday project and if one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to grow your artistic abilities please consider joining Critique Club. You can learn more about it, watch the promo or sign up here. Happy crafting!



11 Responses

  1. Hi lindsay. I am midnightlion,the producer of funky news-news for kids. If you do not mind, would you kindly go to my website, on comments and type in some kid-friendly painting tips or a quick diy to get kids involved. I would be so happy if you did so. As you have an amazing talent! ! Thank you, all the best,please reply ASAP.


  2. I love all that Ive seen. Hope to have more time 2019. I am from Maine now living in SC to be close to grands. You mentioned my attention. I am going to join critique


    • Cool, glad to have you join the group! Marden’s is my go-to whenever I need fabric (but I always find other treasures too LOL!)


  3. This is perfect for me! One of the things I loved most about your drawing class was the personalized feedback. It was so helpful. I was occasionally frustrated by my lack of ability but you were always positive and never mean or negative with us. I’ve already joined Critique Club and passed the information on to a friend of mine. Hopefully I’m on my way to learning something in 2019.

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  4. Good idea to choose a square format! I’ve been trying to paint poinsettias for years now and never thought of that. Also painting looking down at them is a new idea I’m going to copy later … makes them look more star-like and radiant. Thanks for going through the trouble to make this video for us!

    The new class sounds like a good idea, I only have to see if I really paint enough paintings to keep you busy … ;). does the class include all kinds of art, drawing and pastel chalk too?

    I also have difficulties keeping them alive until Christmas … they first lose the green leaves and then even the larger red leaves one by one. No idea what I’m doing wrong but I first hide the stalky ones further back behind the pretty ones and in the end I row up decoration in front of the dismal survivals. I’m luckier this year, they look less bad but I have no idea why.

    I wish you and your family a nice New Year’s Eve and a Happy, Healthy and Successful New Year


    • All mediums are welcome in critique club! The focus is to grow as an artist and build skills and confidence:)


  5. I have a Critique Club question: how long will the tutorials/full length narrated Sketchbook Sundays videos be available? If I join later on, will I have access to all the videos posted before I joined? Thanks.


  6. I am trying again to post my painting


    • I’ll keep an eye out for it. Let me know if you still are having issues via email ( and I’ll create a support ticket in Teachable so the tech team can assist you. Thanks!


      • I should say you will have access as long as you are subscribed because they are streamable, not downloadable so if you cancel you will not be able to see the tutorials after your membership runs out. Kinda like netflix:)


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