This Cairn’s For You!

Howdy friends! I got an interesting suggestion for a painting from a viewer named Jenny Recently and since I had not painted anything like it I decided to give it a try!


She wanted me to paint a stack of rocks, also called a “cairn” which are used to mark trails for hikers and give directions. I learned all about them in Girl Scouts but sadly that was decades ago so I can’t elaborate LOL! I am lucky I never got lost in the woods hiking! Anyhow, I thought it would make a fine watercolor tutorial and I hope you do too!

Supplies (affiliate links used)

Rocks are some of my favorite subjects to paint, I love the colors, texture and character they have. I think it’s cool that they have been here for millions of years and how unique and yet how common they are.  What do you think? Is it crazy to paint a stack of rocks? Let me know in the comments below and til next time happy crafting!

Programming note: There will be no live show tomorrow.

10 thoughts on “This Cairn’s For You!

  1. Hi Lindsay I am retired and will miss your Friday lesson!!
    But I think you should do whatever makes you happy and excited about art after all it is your passion in life. i will always look for
    your tutorials. Thank you i have learned sooooo much from you.
    Donna Birney

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  2. I enjoyed this paint project a lot!

    I live in Elkwater, Alberta, Canada and this is all most the exact scene when we go kayaking to the other side of the lake! Just needs a few more shore rocks and it is nailed!

    Thank you!

    Mary Sent from my iPad



    1. That’s very cool. In the original photo there are some more rocks on the shoreline, and this is quite a typical beach in Southern NSW with gum trees right down to the beach. I often go SCUBA diving from this beach. You can see the original photo on Unsplash 🙂


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