Do you hate cutting intricate dies?

Hi friends! The other day I was wandering through a big box craft store and saw a die cutting accessories that piqued my interest. It claimed that it would help intricate dies cut cleanly. I decided to give it a try because it if solved the issue that my 12-year-old Big Shot has with cutting theses kinds of dies it would be totally worth the price!


Today I am reviewing the Chrome Precision Base Plate from Sizzix. It is designed to apply a bit more pressure and bite to lacy intricate dies so you can cut them easily and cleanly with fewer passes in the die cutter. See how it works in the video below.

Supplies featured in the video (affiliate links used)

Things to consider before investing in a chrome precision base plate:

  • This works the same as the old precision base plate so you don’t need to replace it unless it is worn out/warped. The Chrome version purportedly never needs to be replaced.
  • Use this with the tabbed platform and not with the magnetic platform as I did because the pressure could break the magnets (advice from a viewer)
  • Once you use a die with this cutting plate you will need to continue to use it with this plate as it slightly dulls the blade so it will forever need the bite of the chrome plate to cut. This is not a big deal if you plan on keeping the die, but if you plan to sell it you might not want to use it with this plate. That said etched dies like these wafer thin dies cut more with pressure than sharpness so I don’t know if this is really a big concern. If you can’t get a die to cut properly in the first place it is a risk worth taking for me, but I would not cut dies on it that you don’t need to such as basic shapes.
  • I have also heard from a viewer that this can warp your dies but they will still cut fine. I did not have this problem but it might be because my machine is on the loose side.

For me the Sizzix Chrome Precision Base Plate was totally worth the money. I have shied away from using intricate dies after having such a hard time cutting the beautiful Cheery Lynn doily die I bought many years ago but now I can enjoy that die as well as others! Maybe it will be helpful to you as well. Happy crafting!


9 Responses

  1. Thank you for a very informative post. May I please ask the correct name of the Cheery Lynn die? The link takes me only to a YouTube video, not to the Cheery Lynn site to purchase the die. I am very grateful for this post. I have a lot of intricate dies which I have yet to use but this may give me the courage to try them.


  2. I was a collector of intricate dies until I tried to use them. It is not just Cheery Lynn dies; I had intricate dies from Spellbinders that I was ready to throw in the trash (since I haven’t seen them lately, I am beginning to think that I did just that), Recently I was using my older Sizzix to cut snowflakes, and even some of them were not coming out well. I used waxed paper, which did help, along with changing the position in the machine for multiple passes. (BTW – save any intact waxed paper shapes and use them with an iron and 2 pieces of glossy paper and dye ink – who remembers that oldie but goodie technique?)

    Next time I have a coupon, I’m willing to try the new chrome precision plate.


  3. I have the old version and love it. Worth every penny. It does warp openskies but they are still usable. I do use money with my magnetic plate and have for a couple years so far so good.


  4. I use a a dryer sheet method I learned on youtube. First I started with wiping down the die (cut side) and the cutting plate before sending through, that made a difference. The I learned if I run it through and everything stays in the die to put a dryer sheet on top of the cutting plate then the paper and top plate and send through again. The die pieces stick to the dryer sheet.


  5. I have been using this plate for awhile and it is superior to the flimsy metal plates that come with my electric machine. I can’t get the plate straightened out to save my soul. I have the Cheery lynn dragon and swan and this plate is great with them. My machine is a little younger than yours but not much. Definately recommend this plate.


  6. Thank you for your great tutorial on the chrome precision plate. After watching your video i am definitely going to give this a try


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