Inspired by Christmas Decorations!

Hi friends! I spent the morning teaching a workshop making DIY kissing balls, it was so fun! I wish I took a photo because you would not believe how lovely all of the Christmas kissing balls looked hanging in the greenhouse as my beginner students put the finishing touches on them. Now I am enjoying a hot cup of tea before climbing into the attic to fetch our Christmas decorations. We decorated the porch last weekend when the weather was nice and it has been so cheerful to come home to. I enjoyed the decorations on my porch so much that I thought it would be fun to create cards inspired by them!


We still have a few finishing touches to add like icicle lights at the roof and greenery in the ice skates but all in all I really like it! We have a small ranch style home so I think it is enough to look nice, classic and cozy.

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Inspiration is all around you! If you feel a spark of creativity in your surroundings make a mental note and use it to fuel your next craft idea! Watch the video to see how I made my decor inspired cards!

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  • Have a look at other stamps you own and ask if that can be combined with peg stamps for new looks.
  • Draw a line or circle if needed to help you placing your images. You can erase it later with a soft white eraser after your stamping ink is dry.
  • Peg stamps are great for adding little touches to tags and envelopes so leave a few holiday themed stamps and ink pads out when you are addressing Christmas cards or wrapping gifts so you can make tags and envelopes extra special!

I hope you have something fun and crafty planned this weekend. I’d love to know what your favorite holiday decoration is, let me know in the comments below! My favorite decoration from my childhood was a scene of ice skaters on a pond from the 1970s. There were white plastic snowbanks surrounding a mylar mirror-like pond and the ice skaters were brightly colored clear plastic. I used to skate those around the plastic pond all season long. I wonder if my parents still have that old decoration in their basement LOL! I am sure it is worse for wear with all of the skating I made those figurines do! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

9 thoughts on “Inspired by Christmas Decorations!

  1. Hi Lindsay :}
    Your outside house Christmas decorations are so festive and lovely.
    Your Christmas cards are great and you have inspired me to make some for my friends and family.
    Take care.

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  2. WOW! Your house looks amazing! I wish we went all out with decorating here, though we do hang some lights outside, and my neighbourhood usually looks quite nice!

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  3. Love your videos Lindsay! My favourite decoration is a trio of carollers made out of used glass bottles and various starched fabrics that are layered on in a relaxed fashion. Hats and curly hair with two of them holding music sheets. They could be three children because there size also varies

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  4. Awesome outdoor decorations! We got our tree up went upstairs to get some ornaments out came back down and the cats knocked the tree down!! LOL Carpet wet etc! Love the holidays i watched your card video above and love those ideas! I love Peg stamps! Merry Christmas! Thanks so much


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