A New Painting and New Supplies!

Hi friends! I hope you had a nice weekend, I think this is the longest I have gone without posting on my blog! I planned to share this photo of a recent painting I did on Sketchbook Sunday but I got sidetracked getting ready for a belated Thanksgiving dinner with hubby’s side of the family. It was such a nice time! Saturday while the weather was nice (perfect time to drag the large 20″x30″ painting outside to photograph it but I forgot LOL!) we decided to decorate our porch because is you wait until everything is covered with snow and ice it isn’t any fun and it’s 10 times harder! I will share photos of that after we have a pretty later of snow out, so far we have had a lot of icy slush.


This painting was another assignment for the class I am taking.  For the painting above we were assigned to draw out subject and then collage elements of the design with rice and mulberry paper and then paint over it with watercolor. I worked from a photo I took of my son on vacation since all of my other paintings have been of my girls. I like the carefree modern vibe it has. My son is a “go with the flow” kind of kid so it fits his personality perfectly! This week is the final class and I have to get my assignment done so I will probably work on it today as my sore throat is back and I want to rest my voice so it doesn’t get worse. Luckily I already recorded my video for tonight so I can take a couple of days off if I need to. I am be so ready to be rid of this nasty cold! I think I might take this time without a proper voice to play with these surprise supplies that arrived last night! When Jane Davenport asked me if I’d like to try some new products that she had developed I had no idea what she intended to send. Have a look at the video to see her crazy generosity!

All of these products are manufactured by Spellbinders and are available exclusively at Michaels stores or Jane Davenport’s website. I had no idea Spellbinders made art and papercraft supplies! I have been a fan of their dies for years and I find this new endeavour very exciting! There is also a line of stamps, dies, markers, inks and storage available on Spellbinders designed by Jane Davenport for cardmakers too if you want to check that out. That die machine is the cutest and if my machine ever breaks that will be my pick! Spellbinders even has a Jane Davenport die bundle on sale for $35 as part of their Holiday Hoopla Sale, I don’t know how long the price is good for but they do have some nice deals if there was something you were looking for. Oh! I also have a coupon code if you are shopping on the Spellbinders website for 10% off: SBSAVE10 and that code ends on 11/30/18. *I checked the coupon code on some items and it seemed to work on sale items except for clearance and some bundles in the holiday hoopla sale. (I was surprised to see it work on some machines in the Holiday Hoopla sale so try it and see!) Links to Spellbinders are affiliate links.

holiday hoopla launch-landing-2007x555__18201.original.jpg

That’s it for me today. I am seriously considering staying in my jammies all day with hot tea and a heating pad and exploring my new goodies, it will take my mind off my cold and the yucky sleety weather. I hope you are cozy and warm and hopefully healthy today and til next time happy crafting!

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