Small Canvas, Big Impact! Make and hang temporary decor perfect for holidays or renters!

Hi friends! Filling your walls with beautiful art is wonderful but it can be a bit nerve-wracking to put holes in the wall and if you are renting it might not even be allowed. I like to change-up my decor for the holidays too but I don’t want to add holes to the wall that might be visible when I put my everyday artwork back up. If you find yourself in the same predicament I have a solution for you!


Poster putty! Not only is it easy to work with and really inexpensive, you can reuse it over and over again! The downside to using poster putty is that there is a weight limit. That’s why we are going to group lightweight 8″x10″ stretched canvas from our sponsor Conda to create our artwork. Watch the video to see how!

This video is sponsored by Conda.  Stock up on Canvases, brushes, easels and more during their 2018 Black Friday week sale where you will find the lowest prices of the year! They even have great art gift sets for children too!




If you are looking for a gift for a child this year please check out their cheerful deluxe art kit for kids.


I hope you consider a canvas grouping like this for your home. It was fun to paint and lovely to see on the wall. My only regret is that I didn’t add 2 more panels to fill the area, but I think I am going to move it to a smaller nook and it’s easy to move because of the poster putty. It’s a perfect hanging method for someone like me who likes to change her mind LOL! My only warning with this method is not to hang paintings over your fireplace with this method because heat can loosen adhesive and you don’t want something falling into the hearth and don’t try to hang something too heavy, for that a viewer recommend command hooks and I think that is a great idea as well! Have a happy Thanksgiving and til next time happy crafting!

7 thoughts on “Small Canvas, Big Impact! Make and hang temporary decor perfect for holidays or renters!

  1. Hi Lindsay 🙂
    Your small canvas temporary décor is a brilliant idea. Your painted ones are beautiful. Thanks for sharing!
    You look gorgeous with your new hair colour.
    Take care.


  2. Lindsay love you hair color. The shade compliments your beautiful skin tone. Warms up your face. Suggestion: ditch red lipstick and go neutral. Keep up the good art.


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