Easy Scene Building with my NEW Clear Stamp Set from Rubber Stamp Tapestry!

Howdy friends! As I write this I am suffering with my first cold of the season. It’s snowing outside too and I have been convalescing by watching lots of Christmas DIY decorating videos on YouTube and lots of HGTV. When I feel better I am going to knock down some walls and shiplap everything LOL! Just kidding:) I will say though, that I have the christmas decorating bug big time right now. It is an odd feeling for me that returned to me last year about this time. I say odd because I used to absolutely dread seasonal decorating and I think it was because my house was so cluttered but ever since the “big declutter of 2017” I have found joy in holiday decorating and entertaining again! Why am I bringing this up you might ask. I’m not entirely certain but I think when we stamp we can do a trial run of ideas on a small scale. It’s kinda like a “vision board” when you gather ides on color, texture, layers and design elements. We can play and pretend. We can arrange a space to see what we think and try colors together with no consequences and we have a cute card to mail when we are done!


All sorts of problems can be worked through when we create whether we are painting or stamping, knitting or sewing. Stepping into the “right brain” whimsy can leave the logical side of the brain to work through whatever it is it needs to fester on while we enjoy being in the zone and creating. Remember that anytime you feel like you are being too indulgent or just “wasting time” as you create. It’s not a waste if you enjoy it. Take 3 hours to make a card if you want to, it’s your card, it’s your supplies. Supplies are only wasted if they are never used. You have my permission to get out your supplies and play, who know what it will lead to?

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I hope you found this project inspiring and entertainng. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happty crafting!

9 thoughts on “Easy Scene Building with my NEW Clear Stamp Set from Rubber Stamp Tapestry!

  1. This card was pretty but when you created the vision of a tapestry it was perfect!
    I hope you will feel better soon … and still have some decoration left for Christmas decorating after your Konmari Project .. or else you will need to make new decoration …


  2. art is my therapy, its good to get lost in the moment and just play and see where things take you. another passion of mine was music which sadly i no longer do. but i find peace in doing art and its fun. ive been cozing up today an watching some of the festive christmas movies that are on. and have nice hot choclate with some marshmellows its cold here too but alas no snow yet though im sure it will come soon enough


  3. Lindsay, this is very well done and looks great. Gosh, you really knocked the ball out of the park when you created these last sets. I love the tree set. Thanks for always presenting interesting videos and sharing ideas. Feel better soon!


  4. Hi Lindsay 🙂
    Rest and drink hot tea and honey. Sending you feel better wishes.
    The stamps you have designed are wonderful and can be used for many projects. All of your videos are so helpful and you explain the directions so well.
    God bless.


  5. Lindsay— I always love reading your notes to us in your blog. I always find a bit of wisdom there that I appreciate. Thank you for your thoughtful writing😊


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