Sunny Sunflowers You Can Paint in Watercolor!

Hi friends! Today I have a fun and cheerful beginner watercolor painting tutorial for you so grab your paints, a cup of tea and block out a relaxing hour of art time! You deserve it!

45696689_10212882776129608_4402085897781116928_o (1).jpg

You will find step by step real-time instructions in the video below. I hope you enjoy:)


  • Watercolor paint *I am using Renesans paint: Indian yellow (or any warm yellow), Raw sienna (or yellow ochre), Magenta (or any cool red), Ultramarine blue,
    Cinnabar green deep (or sap green), Burnt Umber (or burnt sienna)
  • Watercolor paper: Strathmore Windpower
  • Watercolor brushes
  • Other: pencil, eraser, tape, 2 water buckets
  • Reference photo

If you liked today’s video you’ll love my Watercolor Flower Workshop. I have created loads of easy to follow step by step tutorials so you can create loose floral bouquets, wreaths and swags to enhance any painting you want to create! Learn more here and use coupon code TRYME for 20% off any class!

I hope you give this painting a try and til next time happy crafting!


6 Responses

  1. Thank you for telling us the colors you are using then using different color names so we can use what we have that are from a different manufacturer. It makes is so much easier for beginners like me. You are the best!


  2. i love it & i will be giving this ago either tomrow or the weekend


  3. Thanks, Lindsey. I tried two variations and I love the results.


  4. Thanks for the quote for my journal: “The minute you feel like you’re afraid to throw paint at that paper, that is when you need to throw paint at the paper; because when you’re afraid, that’s when you grow in art.”


  5. Hi Lindsey love the way you teach water color painting, makes it look so easy, I have enjoyed several of your online courses and love them all…I just wanted to pop in and say your new camera is wonderful…I have always wanted to see your work, palle,t and water… With water color the hardest part is figuring the water amount and no one ever showes that
    thank you for all your hard work…


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