Feeling like a “Square?” Give round watercolor a try!

Hi friends! A couple of years ago I created a tutorial on making your own watercolor blocks. They are convenient and much cheaper than the store-bought version. Recently I have seen round blocks for sale so of course I have to try that too!


I have not see the round blocks in stores and they are expensive to order on amazon so I thought it would make a fun project to try and it was super easy too. Watch the tutorial to see how!

Supplies (affiliate links used)


  1. Cut paper and cardboard into circles.
  2. Place watercolor paper on cardboard and top with a scrapbook paper circle. Line up the paper and place on a binder clip. The binder clip will protect the unbound slot of the block.
  3. Add a bead of hot glue along the page edges and quickly spread it with the spatula. Repeat until you have coated the entire spine except where the binder clip is.
  4. Add ribbon and cover.

Enjoy your new watercolor block! I hope you liked this DIY and til next time happy crafting!



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