A Beginner Pastel Lesson on my NEW Fabulous Camera!

Hi friends! I have been wanting to upgrade my video camera for a couple of years but always got overwhelmed at the amount of choices and the price tags out there. I was so afraid of buying the wrong thing but I know cameras have come a long way since I purchased my beloved Samsung F90 a few years ago and I really want to make high quality videos where you can see as much detail as possible.


So I asked my tech savvy husband to research the options and he narrowed the search down to 6 cameras and I ended up picking this Panasonic Lumix G7 and I am so pleased with the results. Jason has been working on adding mounts to my filming areas to hold this camera since strapping the camera to my “ceiling sticks” with an elastic cord is probably not the safest route LOL! I am still keeping my “old reliable” Samsung and I still have a few videos filmed on that one that I haven’t published yet but going forward most of my videos will be shot on the new fancy camera. You can see it’s debut in today’s video!

I got asked many times if oil pastels could be used instead of chalky soft pastels and yes you can! The results will be a bit different but use what you have. You may prefer one of the other as well f you don;t like dusty fingers of the feel/sound of the chalk. If you are new to soft pastel I recommend starting with an inexpensive but good quality student grade set as you ill get all of the joy with none of the potential toxicity of artist grade pigments. You can always upgrade later if you like them and when you understand how to handle them safely. I am not trying to scare you, I just want to make sure you are not blowing or breathing in pastel dust.

Supplies (Affiliate Links used)

I hope you enjoy the higher quality video and let me know what you think of this project in the comments below! Feel free to share this tutorial with anyone who might like it or Pin it on Pinterest using the sharing button below. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


3 Responses

  1. Oh boy do I feel you on trying to decide on a new camera. I also am hobbyist photographer. I have been taking photos of my kids and our soccer clubs soccer games for their website and promotional use. I have a decent consumer camera and an older prosumer camera. I keep thinking to upgrade my camera since I have a professional lender and upgrading to new one of it costs about $10,000 to $25,000 which is never in my budget. So newer camera is my only option.

    Oh my goodnesss the options are endless and the details so incredibly confusing and yet very important to pay attention to get best one you won’t regret later. I thought I had it narrowed down but after more digging I am still unsure. Seems the better one is same megapixel ad the one I have. Newer version is about to come out. So me and my adhd self has to wait and try to be patient. Two of my absolute worse qualities.

    But on a much better note. Looks like you picked a great one. When I was reading on several camera forums about upgrading. The question was always asked what do you need it for? And for the people who said video and or vlogging was a issue for them. Your camera you chose came up as a best option over and over again. Many many good things were said about it and it’s video quality and ease of use and features. While I am a canon person and know nothing of the Panasonic or Sony cameras to give any input it seems your husband did great homework. From the pros that I read their insights and tips, they seem to think it was quite a great camera for videos.

    Glad you did better than me and actually managed to get a new camera. Wish me luck and figuring out which one to get in the near future. If only it was an easy of a decision. As my crafting choices are.


  2. Hi Lindsay, Have you stopped showing your watercolor paintings on Friday? I had major surgery so have missed a few months. Any new classes? I know you are only one person and work so hard and commend you on raising a family and putting yourself out there for the sake of art lovers. God bless.


    • I have missed 2 fridays because of Sara’s work schedule and I had a hold this week but I plan on having a lesson next friday. I am leaning to use my new camera before filming my next class but I am working on it:)


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