5 Tips to make fast Christmas cards!

Hi friends! I know it’s not even Halloween yet but if you make Christmas cards by hand you need to start early and this video will show you how you can make a big batch of Christmas cards fast! You can also use these tips anytime you need to make a lot of cards or invitations for ANY event or occasion.


Watch the video to see how!

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5 tips to streamline holiday card making!

  1.  Keep the basic design and supplies used the same.
  2. Work in batches assembly line style.
  3. Ask for help. Even non cardmaking spouses and children can cut, score and fold cardstock, Stamp sentiments inside cards and stuff envelopes. If you have many images to color let your family help!
  4. Consider investing in a time-saving tool like a die to match your stamps. I never got the appeal of owning dies for something you might only cut a couple of times but when you are making Christmas cards not having to cut 100 images out by hand is a blessing. I invested in a  Scan n Cut machine a few years ago so I could have the convenience of dies to match any of my stamps without having to purchase any more dies.
  5. Buy a big pack of embellishments and use them all up.

Bonus tip!!!!

Make your own envelopes from unused leftover christmas paper. Simply measure your card from corner to corner and add 1″ to that measurement. Cut a square of paper that size and fold around your card as shown in the video.  If I am mailing my cards I make my envelopes so the pattern is on the inside of the envelopes and it is so pretty like a lined envelope and the paper gets used (and is cheaper than store-bought envelopes.) I make rosettes from the scraps to decorate packages and punch tags from the smaller scraps. I keep a dish on my craft table with tags I punched out of scraps so anyone wrapping a gift can grab them to use. It’s so unique, pretty and festive and it’s using resources wisely!

Good luck in your next batch card making project and til next time happy crafting!

9 Responses

  1. I always enjoy your videos and tips. This a a quick and smart one.
    Thx for sharing.


  2. Your cards are fantastic! How well do they go through the mail? Do you weigh one first and then put the appropriate postage on, and add a bit for extra handling?


    • Honestly I usually send them with one forever stamp and haven’t had a problem unless I have button them and then I add 2 stamps. It might be because I live in a small town and they don’t get bent out of shape over a slightly bumpy card.


  3. Thanks great tips

    Sent from my iPad



  4. Thanks, Lindsay. You have great ideas and super cards. I can’t wait to see what’s coming with Rubber Stamp Tapestry. Clear Stamps…oooohhh.


  5. Great tips thanks for sharing!


  6. Great tips here! Also love the use for scraps! I’d never thought about using those odd sheets to make envelopes!!
    I really need to make my xmas cards soon, and definitely will bear your advice in mind! 🙂


  7. Congrats on your stamp collections. They are so cute. I’ll be ordering at least one set. I especially like the fireside set as they are super versatile. Love your channel. You are so talented and I always learn something. I try to catch your live Friday streams…and I’ve been binge watching YouTube videos. Just recently found you. 🙂


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