Sketchbook Sunday: 3 Paintings of Lila

Hi friends! Today I am sharing the third in a trio of paintings of my daughter Lila.


These were assignments for a figurative watercolor class I am taking to build my skills and grow as an artist. Honestly, I probably would never paint the same subject three times in a row unless it was assigned LOL! You probably remember the Monochrome and Low Key paintings as I have shared them during sketchbook sunday over the past two weeks. We wrap up this series with a high key version of the same painting. My daughter Lila likes this one best!


You can see how it all come together in this time-lapse video.

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These paintings were really educational to do and I definitely see where painting the monochrome first really cemented the values on my brain so when I went to use color I got the values right instead of relying on color for distinguishing shapes and form. Since I worked on each of these over the course of a week it was also educational for me to re watch the process to see the stages of the painting as it progressed. I hope you give a series of paintings like this a try at least once, it is a really useful method for getting true values and getting to know your subject. Til next time happy crafting!


8 thoughts on “Sketchbook Sunday: 3 Paintings of Lila

  1. It looks like you are learning quite a bit. After watching the videos, it makes me get in gear and order the supplies for the texture toolbox feathers and fowl I had signed up for. It is encouraging to watch you watercolor painting.


  2. This is so amazing! Wow. I could watch this all day. I can’t believe how easy you make it. It would never turn out from me. You are such an amazing artist. So glad we can watch your brilliant mind and work. Thank you for teaching us so many things.


  3. What a lovely piece of art of your daughter. You are amazing Lindsay with so many artistic talents. Thank you for sharing this process.


  4. It was amazing to watch you paint, building the colors and shadows with such ease. I don’t know if I could ever do shadows like that. I also liked that you showed your palette in the videos to show how you mixed your colors, again with such ease! You have certainly created a beautiful and special painting of your daughter. Thank you for sharing that video.


  5. This is a wonderful studying color. But I still love the monochrome one. Looks like that class is really paying off for you. thank you for sharing it with us!


  6. Lindsay, what a cool exercise! I can definitely see how doing this in monochrome first would help you with shading once you get to the watercolors. All three paintings are very nice, Lindsay. I like them all. Guess you never stop growing in art. Cool!

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