How to make a watercolor mixing chart & paint an Indigo Bunting

Hi friends! Today’s video lesson will take care of two topics that you requested. A couple of weeks ago for Sketchbook Sunday I posted a time-lapse of a trio of indigo bunting birds and I have dozens of requests for a slower version so if you skip ahead 30 minutes in today’s video you can see that real-time tutorial.


But first in the video I will show you how to make a mixing chart using whatever watercolor you have and tell you why it is a useful tool when you are beginning painting. I had several people ask about mixing charts when I painted the Monstera leaf on a live Friday a few weeks ago. I used the chart to figure out what colors would best suit my subject.


If you would like to learn more about color theory and the techniques to get you started in watercolor please check out my beginner course Essential Tools and Techniques for Watercolor Painting. In this course I walk you through all of the basic techniques you will need to be a successful watercolor painter from mixing luminous colors to techniques for perfect smooth washes as well as how to hold a brush for the greatest brush stroke variety. In the second part of the course I will walk you through 4 paintings step by step and apply all of the techniques we learned in the first part of the course.


If you would like more instruction on painting birds try Texture Toolbox: Feather’s and Fowl with four exclusive step by step painting lessons and a newly added alphabetized archive of dozens of previous bird painting tutorials.



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I hope today’s lesson helps you get the most variety of whatever paint you have. Have you made a mixing cart before? What did you think of the experience and was it helpful? Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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