Affordable Pro Paints: Renesans Watercolor Review

Hi friends! Today we are going to take a look at Renesans artist watercolors from Poland. There is an ETSY shop in Maine that imports these and sells them in the USA and will be offering them to Canada later this week. These paints are high quality and very affordable with half pans costing $3.50, 15ml tubes at $5.50, sets of 12 for $30 in a metal palette and 24 half pan sets for $58 in a metal palette. Also if you purchase 24 individual half pans you get a metal palette for free. Also with the coupon code FRUGALFAN you can get $3.50 off (the price of a half pan) an order of $60 or more.

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I had many people ask me if I would show how I swatch my paints. I have been using the swatching stamps from Waffle Flower to do all of my swatches now because they keep my swatches so neat and tidy, I highly recommend them! Watch the video to learn about these paints.

I was going to take a photo of the swatch from my swatch binder but the names on the pan wrappers would be too small to read so I am going to list the colors from my hand swatched chart here from left to right:


  • top row: white, flesh tint, lemon yellow, gamboge, cadmium orange, cadmium red, cadmium red deep, geranium lake, mineral violet, cobalt blue, Poland blue, paris blue (top row colors included in 24 set)
  • middle row: raw sienna, cyan blue, prussian blue, cerulean, emerald green, cinnabar green deep, cobalt green, cadmium yellow deep, indian yellow, magenta lake, bordeaux madder lake
  • bottom row: cobalt turquoise, cinnabar green pale, zinc green, golden green, hooker’s green, venetian yellow, raw sienna, stil de grain brown, raw umber, paynes grey, sepia, ivory black (bottom row colors included in the 24 set)

I did not include the tubes in this swatch because I didn’t have them at the time of recording. I did some playing with the colors, I did a quick color wheel with ultramarine blue, quin red and transparent yellow and it was a really nice triad yielding clean bright mixes. I also did a quick face sketch to see how potters pink worked in a shin tone mix, I really like it and am excited to use it more. I think the tube colors are even more clean and vibrant than the tube mixes!


You can see a full list of colors and pigment numbers on A Little Creative shop on Etsy. They are the only distributor in the US (and soon Canada) but if you live in Europe check with your local stores as you should be able to find them at various shops for similar pricing.

Bottom Line: I think these paints are one of the best deals going in artist quality watercolors. The prices for the 15ml tubes are less than many other brands 5ml tubes and the quality in the tubes reminds me of M Graham. The pans are extremely concentrates and easily rewetable. If you travel with your paints I recommend going with the pans as the honey content of the tubes make them slow to dry down. The pans have honey in them too but they dry out completely so maybe they don’t have as much honey in them. The tubes have the pigment info and lightfast information on them but the pans do not but April has listed the pigment info in her shop and is working on adding the lightfast info. The lightfastness is rated in the blue wool scale of 1-8, 8 being excellent lightfastness. I tend to go by the pigment number and what I know about the pigment to make my own judgement about color quality. I hope you find this review helpful.  I want to thank April for sending me these paints to review and til next time happy crafting!

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