Sketchbook Sunday {Pumpkin Spice Version}

Hi friends! Yesterday we took the kids apple picking and to a corn maze at a local farm. We saw pumpkins and gourds, goats and horses and beautiful fall flowers. The regional humorist Tim Sample was even performing and we could hear his act as we picked apples (soon to be made into apple crisp!) It is definitely starting to feel like fall here in maine, the weather is cool and crisp and that is what inspired this week’s sketch.


I recorded it in timelapse so it is pretty short but to be honest I wasn’t feeling the joy of the sketch today, I am not sure why, I think I should have done this on real watercolor paper but oh well, here it is anyway.


I wish I had a more inspiring project for you. That’s the way it goes sometimes:) Happy crafting!


8 thoughts on “Sketchbook Sunday {Pumpkin Spice Version}

  1. I like the sketch but I know how it is if one doesn’t feel right “producing” something. I’m sorry you had the feeling you had to make a video for us and forced yourself to get it done. I hope it didn’t ruin your weekend!


      1. I’m happy to know you weren’t under the pressure to present something spectacular! I guess I thought it was that because it happens to me a lot. I looked at the video again this morning and still like the sketch, the sketchier a sketch is the more I like it … more like a process of thinking than a finished presentation. I remember being at an art gallery looking at Rodin’s art, everybody was flocking around his statues and I was quite on my own gazing at his sketches … they felt far more alive to me than the “real thing”, every line seemed to be vibrating! The Unfinished Approach is what fasinates me .. it’s like a book with an open end.
        What I mean is, no matter what you show us it’s wonderful .. I like it all for various reasons! And I’m so thankful you’re sharing it all with us instead of just revealing what you feel are The Perfect Results.


  2. You inspire soooo much —- yet I love how you are “keeping it real” by owning up to the fact that sometimes things just don’t turn out 100% lovable. It makes me feel a little less of a bump on a log when it comes to getting “creative”. I struggle with that. I rush around doing chores, etc., so that I can free up some time for me and my passion and then I sit there like a deer in the headlights, paralyzed by my blank mind, because all my great ideas have evaporated. LOL!


  3. Oh, my dear teacher, that beautiful pumpkin pix is so profound, my children bought me a home near to them so I could have my studio and (as they put it) my she she castle…and I was visiting my new bigger home (down size, why) and a younger couple and their daughters were looking at the home across the street. I have 4 or5 apple trees in abundance and it was raining ver gently and I invited the younger daughter (the older almost teen was hiding in the car from the rain) {honestly, people raised in Arizona are afraid of melting} and she picked an apple and held it…just like the Pumkin in this painting, like the treasure it was. I was so honored,as you are, to honor the earth.
    You need a break, let us, your students attempt to give you a week to renew, refresh, and be loved. There are so many of us maybe you need a month? We can show what we produced and progressed and failed and came back to get through it La Jeanne


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