Painting With My Least Favorite Color!

Hi friends! One sure-fire way to kick-start your creativity is to try something new! It might be using a different kind of brush or paint or simply a color you don’t like. Forcing yourself to look at a pigment that had been a problem in the past can help you create combinations you never considered before. That was the case with Oxide of Chromium Green. It is a dull, overpowering (odd that something can be dull and overpowering at the same time huh?) opaque green that has vexed me for years. Today I decided to see if I could learn to love it.


Do you have this color? Well, then follow along with this video!

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Thanks so much for joining me for this fun experiment and til next time happy crafting!

6 thoughts on “Painting With My Least Favorite Color!

  1. Hey Lindsey, it was a great demo. Did like it better on the bee paper, it was more dimensional and the colors more vibrant. I really want to try that paper now. Esp. To make holiday watercolor cards. Thanks so much. Your a peach! Green is my lest favorite color. Until I limited myself to cad yellow and ultramarine only to make greens. Now my greens are not so mud anymore. Gradually add touch of blue to yellow and add more as I go. Then cad yellow and paynes gray make a good one to. I’m using limited pallet. QUESTION; why are all the sap greens different? Some more olive and some vibrant like permanent green?


  2. I like the painting with the vibrant color mixes you did before the video best. When you reached for the English Red during the video by mistake I gasped “no!” but I guess you didn’t hear me ;).

    About your tip to buy a few tubes from a new brand to try them out first … I bought that split primary set from Daniel Smith and love to try out mixing colors with them but I must mention, I couldn’t say if I like the paints or the challenge of mixing my colors instead of just sighing and grabbing a brown I don’t really like just because it’s in the palette …

    I recently bought the aqua mini from Sennelier but was aghast when I found out what a crazy combo of colors were in it … no cold red but instead two green mixes that were nearly the same, plus a gray. So I bought a tiny sketchbook I only use for that palette and have been trying to find out if it’s possible for me to be reduced to those colors and it seems to work out if I do landscapes or organic still lives that don’t require a cold red. I think if I’d really keep that set I’d squirt some cold red where the teeny brush is supposed to be and try to find something like a Phtalo Green blue shade by Sennelier to replace one of the (hopefully by then used up) greens. I agree it’s hard to overwork if you’re using Senneliers but when I don’t feel like spending a lot of time on a painting Winsor and Newton are fine for me, especially when I’m standing up painting outdoors holding everything in my hands.

    I bought several other brands I watched you painting with because it made me curious and I like them all for different reasons. I had to put an end to it though for fear I’d be buried along with a mass of palettes and tubes to get rid of them easily when the time comes! I noticed I used up paints far quicker when I only had a Schmincke tin and nothing else!

    Have a nice weekend!


  3. I forgot to add I admire how you made to make a painting look good with chrome oxid green! I don’t really like any pre-fab greens except for sap green (W&N) and chrome oxid green is No.1 on my Hate List of Colors. I think it’s only good for making something look muddy but how often would I need it?
    Maybe if I’d like to paint marsh, boggy or swamp landscapes ….


  4. Beautiful leaf. I love the colors and using the pencils to complete the leaf. I was wondering do you use a lead pencil to draw you image? or color pencil.. I think Oranges are my weak color to use. Where do you use it??


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