Sketching Citrus! Sketchbook Sunday…er Monday LOL!

Hi friends! First I want to wish all of my fellow Americans a happy Labor Day! It is considered the end of summer in these parts as the days are getting shorter and all the kids are back in school tomorrow! September always feels like a fresh start to me. My twins started High School this year so that means no more popping down to the local elementary school to lend a hand with this or that. It’s so weird! You kids go through life and get a little more independent each day and in turn you can be a bit more independent yourself. It’s a bit sad to see them getting older but on the other hand I am excited for the adventure that awaits them.


Speaking of school…I think it is always important to learn new things. It helps keep our mind fresh and supple and puts us in the atmosphere of growth where we can find fulfillment and happiness. This might mean signing up for a class or giving a supply that you were frustrated with in the past another go to challenge and push yourself. You can find ways to grow and learn everywhere! I purchased a RENDR sketchbook a while back because it was supposed to be no bleed through paper for markers and mixed media but I soon realized that “no bleed through” meant “no blend” as well. I felt bad about buying this kinda pricey paper that I couldn’t seem to use but I decided to put it out yesterday and try it again. This time I decided not to fight with it but to do what the paper wants: layering. This also got me using my alcohol markers in a new to me way. I typically work small coloring stamped images blending from dark to light in a very quick fashion. I had seen some beautiful marker illustrations recently on instagram and I realized that these artists were using markers totally differently that I was by layering! This allowed them to work a bit larger and get really vibrant results. I never realty thought of my markers as a “serious art medium” as all markers (except for Winsor & Newton Pigment Markers *use coupon code SALE818 for an extra 15%-25% off through midnight today and Winsor & Newton Watercolor Markers which are on sale now!) are fugitive, meaning they will fade in the light but hey, this is Sketchbook Sunday and my sketchbook isn’t getting direct sunlight! See a time-lapse on the layering technique here!

Supplies (affiliate links used)

  • Rendr Sketchbook there was zero bleed through on the back of the page but it doesn’t blend well so you are better off layering on this paper. If you have this paper give yourself time to learn to use it as there is a learning curve, I like it so much better than when I first got it.
  • Ohuhu markers I used pens from the 100 set  Review here
  • Prismacolor colored pencils
  • I also used col erase pencils for the beginning sketch but I didn’t need to erase so the others would have been fine but if you want the erasable version here it is
  • Extra fine tip Posca pens for opaque highlights


***BTW today is the last day to save 45% on any of my teachable classes with coupon code OFFLINE45 

And one more deal you don’t want to miss…

Consumer crafts is offering 15%-25% off total purchases on their website (*excluding WOW of the week) through 9/3/18 11:59pm PST with coupon code SALE818.  Craft fairs and holiday crafting is right around the corner and this is a great chance to grab some deals on craft basics, art supplies and more. You never know what you are going to find so it is a bit of an adventure and the deals can’t be beat!


I have purchased a lot of my stencils, dies, craft storage, beads, pencils and markers from Consumer crafts as well as basic craft supplies for the library kids classes I used to teach as well as art gift sets and decor. If you know you need some of these products it pays to stock up when they have the total purchased discounts, they don’t happen often. Some, but not many, exclusions apply.  Use coupon code SALE818 to get the extra discount! Sale ends tonight at 11:59pm PST.

I hope you have a wonderful day! If you have today off I hope you spending it with family and friends or maybe creating some art! Til next time happy crafting!

4 Responses

  1. Stunning picture. I don’t usually enjoy time lapse but this one was truly fascinating. I really like it when you share things that seem to not be working and then you figure out how to fix it.


  2. Miss didn’t show up. It says there’s a formatting issue?

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  3. Hi Lindsay 🙂
    So life like. Thank you so much for sharing your talents!
    Take care.


  4. I’ve Been “Watching” Your Channel For A Couple Of Years….You Were Actually The FIRST “Art/Creative” Channel I “Subscribed” To….I’ve Been “Teaching” Myself “Watercolor”, And I Have Been Making Cards For Our Church (For People Who Have Been Ill, OR Had Someone Die) I Prefer “Hot” Pressed Paper, SO “WHEN” I Can AFFORD IT, I Buy The “Mixed Media” Cards(50)….Otherwise I “Make My Own, And “Have To” Use Strathmore (30 Sheets) For 6$ and Some Change At Wal Mart! I Think I Order MORE “Erasers” And Sharpeners, Than I DO “Painting” Supplies….I WOULD SO LOVE TO: Take Your Drawing Class, BUT I DON’T USE MY CREDIT CARD ON “The Computer”, EVER! To Bad You Don’t Have An “Office #” OR A P.O. Box…(Or Maybe You Do?) Any Way, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE YOUR CHANNEL! I Have Derwent “Watercolor Pencils”(Had 33 LEFT From A Set I Got 30 YEARS AGO!) “Ink-Tense” Pencils, and JUST TODAY, Received My “Blick-Box” With The “Fine-tech MICA Colors”-Copper, Bronze, 2 Golds, and 2 Silvers! AND “Jacquard” Caligraphy Set, And The SET/BOOK! And SOME: Other “GOODIES!” Right Now I’m Working ON: “The BUTTON” For The 11th Annual Cider-Fest, My Brother Started With His 2 “OLDEST” Kids,(Who Are Out Of The House) STILL, 150-200 Come…Anyway, This Year It Has A “Lord Of The Rings Theme”! So I Traced A “PLATE”, And Started On An “Ent” In The Middle! There’s ALWAYS A “Fish”…This Time He’ll Use One Of The “Ent’s” Wisker Hairs!(Or Maybe A Few…) He’s “Getting” The Ring Out Of The Pond! Everybody Brings “Side-Dishes”/Desserts” And A “SACK” Of Apples, and An EMPTY JUG. Games For The Kids, OR Whoever Wants To “PLAY”…One Year He Built A Couple 8 Feet “NAVY” Boats, And The Kids “Bombed” Them With Water Balloons! There’s A “Rope Swing”, Cider-Press, HOME-Made Ice-cream Some Times, There Is AN “Orchestra” (Bellevilles PHIL’S HARMONICS! Then A BON FIRE, And A “Massive 30 Minutes Of Fireworks! He Provides The MEAT: “Meat-Loaf” Burgers and “Chicken Wings”, And HOT DOGS!!! Any How, I Better Go !!! LOVE Your “STUFF”!


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