DIY Watercolor Paint!

Hi friends! A few years ago I made some DIY metal watercolors and acrylics using dollar store pearl eye shadow. It was fun, worked great and was certainly frugal. I recently was sent some pigments from an online handmade watercolor company called Xanadu Art Studio and decided to make some legit handmade watercolors.


This was a fun experiment. Watch the video so see my trials and tribulations and the final outcome!

If I have to be totally honest this is not a project I plan to repeat, it was fun and all but more time-consuming than my paint with eye shadow a few years ago and quite frankly I enjoy painting more than making paint and let’s face it there are many good paints out there already. I thought I’d try it since I had the supplies and it was fun but not something I am going to invest further in.Below I will list some references I mentioned in the video:

So would you try making your own watercolor paint? Let me know in the comments below! If you happened here today looking for Sketchbook Sunday I’m working on it but I haven’t made it down to my art desk yet, the video will be up on YouTube this evening and I’ll post it on my blog tomorrow (I intended to blog this last night but I zonked out before 10pm!) Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


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  1. Yes I want to try? I have done lettering with lipstick and creamy eyeshadows and that was cool!


  2. I made some watercolors with Amica powder that looks like what you have there. The first two I made mixing in just the gum Arabic solution I made because I didn’t re read the directions, oops. The next few I made the right way( according to the directions I found on a natural pigment site) by mixing with a bit of water then adding the solution yay me for actually following directions for once haha. Well….. as it turned out, my oops turned into a yay cuz the ones done “right” reverted back into a powder under the thin film it made on top. The ones that were technically a accident turned out like what I would call semi moist and re wet just fine and don’t rub off onto your finger when dry on paper. I guess there just is no way around having to just get in there and play around with the stuff. I’m going to remix my failures and see if I can get them to hold together. I refuse to lose them because the colors are too pretty to toss. I WILL prevail! Muahahaha so…… how did yours turn out? Did they dry alright? Let me know in the comments below and if you liked this comment please give it a thumbs up and if you’re feeling especially generous go ahead and subscribe to my channel. Oh, wait. I don’t have a channel. Maybe I watch to many You Tube videos. Maybe I should find a hobby like painting or making paint hahaha or drawing, shilling, making things out of clay, sewing, making miniatures or……ok so I don’t need anymore hobbies yeah, I’ll shut up now Toodles🤗


  3. Please, see “Create Your Own Colors” at Sennelier YouTube Channel



  4. What a fun video, I didn’t know you could actually make your own watercolors. I’ll be sticking with the premade ones myself. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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