Bright & Colorful Parrot in Watercolor (Way Easier than it Looks! Beginners Welcome!)

Hi friends! I just finished up my practice painting of this fun and bright bird!


Wouldn’t this be a cheerful painting to hang in your home? I hope you give it a try because it was so fun and easy to paint! Join me on YouTube at 12:30pm Eastern time to paint this. The replay will be available here after the broadcast but tune in on the YouTube watch page if you want to chat live. Also I would love it if you tuned in on YouTube during the live because YouTube decided it is not going to count views from embedded player on live streams anymore. YouTube uses live views to determine whether or not they recommend the video to viewers (even to subscribers) in the future. To be honest my live streams have struggled with views lately and I have debated whether it is even worth doing them so if you love the Friday live streams please share the events and tell your friends about them.  If you don’t like them that’s fine too, the view numbers will tell me that:) I just want to spend my time providing what you find useful and valuable whether it is prerecorded or live.


45% off Classes Through Labor Day!

With the long holiday weekend ahead of us I want to offer you 45% off all classes in my Teachable school with coupon code: OFFLINE45 through Labor Day 2018.  You have as long as you like to complete any of these classes so you can grab them now and take them when you have time, you have lifetime access! That means you can return to them whenever you need a refresher too! This coupon is good on one time payment and payment plan options. To redeem the coupon simply click “add coupon” on the checkout page and enter OFFLINE45 to get the discount or simply click the discount links for the class you want below:)

Learn to Draw with Lindsay: This class is designed to teach anyone how to draw without gimmicks. You will learn to draw what you see. You will learn how to sketch, shade, decipher tonal values and how to apply your new drawing skills to other media. This beginner class is for anyone wanting to improve their drawing ability and contains nearly 8 hours of step by step video instruction. Enroll or learn more here.


Essential Tools and Techniques for Watercolor Painting: This class is designed to teach you everything you need to know about watercolor so you can get painting fast. This class is a good foundation for your watercolor studies. In the first part of this class you will learn about supplies, develop techniques and practise the skills you will need to create whatever paintings you desire in the future. In the second part of the class we will put all of the skills you learned into practise as we complete *four beautiful paintings. This class is my most popular course. *This class originally had 3 final paintings but I added a 4th on negative painting. Student always have access to any content added to classes they are enrolled in. Find out more here!


Texture Toolbox: Feathers & Fowl: This class will teach you how to realistically and expressly paint birds in watercolor. We work on capturing the subtle texture and shading in feathers and we add hints of colored pencil to enhance our feathered friends when desired. NEW! I have added an alphabetized bird painting tutorial archive to this class should you want to find past bird tutorials I have done that are not included in this course.  Click here for more info or to enroll.


Watercolor Flower Workshop: This is my most recent class and it is all about loosely painting expressive flowers in watercolor. Have you ever tried to paint loose and ended up with a hot mess? Well, this class will offer the structure you need so you can create a floral scene from your imagination that is well-balanced, beautifully composed and loose! This class focuses heavily on brush control so it’s good for folks that need help with brush strokes and are curious about some of the odd specialty brushes that are out there. I soon will be adding a wedge brush section to this class! In addition to the all new step by step real-time instruction provided in the course there is also an alphabetized archive of other watercolor flower tutorials for your convenience. Learn more here.


In addition to the never before seen content in these classes you have access to my support in the online classroom. Under every lesson there is an area for you to post photos of your artwork and ask me questions. I love giving feedback and seeing your beautiful artwork! Here is what some of my students have said:

Thanks so much! Love this class I do each section so many times because it is fun and i keep learning! Thanks again! -Karen L Jackson on Watercolor Flower Workshop

I LOVE THIS COURSE! Actually can paint a flower without a drawing! -Joanna Stratten on Watercolor Flower Workshop

Hi Lindsay, what a great drawing course. I have been painting for 30 plus years, drawing was my weakest, until now. I’m starting to see things in shape, I think the most helpful is starting with a circle or shape then fill in with the shapes of whatever you are drawing. This has been the best money I have ever spent. What I love I can look at these lessons over & over until I get it!! -Linda on Learn to Draw with Lindsay

I am blown away by the excellence of your lessons! Things that I have struggled with are making more sense when I sketch along with you. So glad that I will be able to go back and reference your videos! -Irene Addison on Learn to Draw with Lindsay

Thanks for the tutorial. I am glad that it is in more depth than the YouTube videos, although I love them as well. I am brand new to both painting and drawing so even the iris was a challenge. When I started watching your YouTube videos I found that I had some watercolor supplies I had purchased about 15 years ago and never had the nerve to try. Thanks for giving me the idea that it is possible for me to learn to paint! -Helanna Andres on Essential Tools and Techniques for Watercolor

How to hold the brush is the best information you could have imparted! loving all these videos; can’t wait to start painting the iris. -Judith Taylor on Essential Tools and Techniques for Watercolor

Hi Lindsay, Great Class!!! Simple and easy to follow. Thx for putting this together. I can’t wait to start the next painting! -Tina Amoroso on Texture Toolbox Feathers & Fowl

Finished the duck and this course! Loved it! Thank you so much for these watercolor painting classes. I just got the Rembrandt 48 half pans and am excited to use them….. I can actually do some watercolor painting thanks to your classes. Crystal Neuendorf on Texture Toolbox Feathers & Fowl


I love helping people discover the hidden artistic ability within them and I welcome anyone who want to paint better (and more often) to join one of my watercolor classes! Just make sure to use the coupon code OFFLINE45 if the discount does not appear (coupon good through 9/3/2018.) Again I want to thank you so much for your support! I hope you have a relaxing weekend with your family and friends and maybe get a bit of art done! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!



27 Responses

  1. I like your live shows.


  2. I love the lives. I’d understand if you stopped but I’d miss them terribly.


  3. I often watch your live streams on Fridays and sometimes rewatch to actually paint.You are a great teacher and I really appreciate the time you take to help us aspiring artists. I have bought lots from Jerry’s Artarama because of your videos (never heard of Jerry’s before). Have also bought your watercolor and mixed media classes. I understand YouTube has been demonitizing and censoring many channels. So wrong. Sorry this is happening to you.


    • Thank you, I have been fairly lucky compared to others but it is getting harder for sure. I just want to make sure the people who want to see my videos (like my subscribers) can find them.


  4. It’s hard for me to make it to a live streaming show due to the time difference. But, I watch the replays of your live streams when I can. Sometimes more than a week might go by. But, I do like watching them.


  5. It would be sooooooooo sad if you stop doing your live video. I always eagerly wait to see them on Friday. You help me so much in escaping from my weekly work and in being more creative. Love all you do for us.


  6. I can’t always watch the live stream but do watch the replay as soon as I can. There is so much “junk” on You Tube that it would be a shame to drop you. I have learned a lot from you and I understand you have to do what is best for you. I will continue to follow you.


  7. I like the watercolor live streams, but i work fulltime so sometimes hard to tune in. Always watch later.


  8. I love your live streams, but as I work, I can’t watch them live. It’s great to see the work evolve in real time, especially when things don’t go as planned and you show us how to fix things.

    I can’t understand why Youtube doesn’t count views on live streams that are not watched live. Don’t they know that people have to work? Or live in different time zones?

    I have your Youtube channel bookmarked and check everyday. (sometimes even more than once 🙂 I watch everyone of them. Sometimes I watch on your blog, as I like to read your written instructions as well. Is it better for you to watch through the Youtube channel directly?


    • They will count the replay, it is only while the stream is live but the amount of viewers you get live affects how youtube will serve up the video in recommendations for the reply.


  9. Hi lindsay

    ide just like to say thank you I love your videos and i catch the lives when i can, your channel was the first art channel i found, when i typed in watercolour tutorials a few years a go now and i was just hooked and you have been so inspirational, you put so much into what you do we are blessed to have such a beutifull talent that is so willing to put quality step by step tutorials out there. you have so many followers from around the world difrent time zones,that can make it difcult sometime to catch the “Live” streams Live!!. im alway eagelry waiting what your next new video will be, and have watched lots of your older ones. and love sketchbook sunday



  10. Me too! I work though I would love to watch the live stream….


  11. I can’t always watch Live, but I always watch the replays. I always watch them at YouTube so I can give you a thumbs up. Love all you do!


  12. Aloha Linsey, I rarely can watch live (live in Hawaii) but love your live show for replay because I get the questions and learn from your answers also. When I do watch live I am absolutely clueless about how to get on the chat…I am impressed with the brightness of Dr. Martin liquid paints and will have to get some and try them out as I have never used them before. Have a great weekend! Mahalo for your channel!


  13. Perhaps your live streams are not as progressive as they were before you stated $ for classes. I think they are somewhat repeats of your old videos. I loved progressing and going beyond the beginner status. Also I am not a stamper and so many of the classes are for stamping. I know you should have income from your art but some cannot afford to pay for classes. Love you though and wish you the best.


  14. It is on rare occasions that I miss your live streams. Also, I replay them often as well as your card making videos. Thank you for making them available for us.


  15. I look forward to the live streams every Friday. I watch live, hit the like button and rewatch later to paint with you. I have your classes too, and really love them!


  16. If I am off I always tune in on Friday’s, new job new schedule, not so many fridays off =( But I love the streams! I always watch when I get home to see what I missed. I have signed up for all of your classes! Now just to find the time! Thank you for all you do! You are an amazing inspiration! ❤


  17. i thought i could just post a respnce. do i have to sign up.?


    • No worries, you will be able to post without approval now. The first time a new commenter posts I have to approve it, it is just to make sure it’s not spam:) Thanks for commenting:)


      • thanks lindsay, i just wanted to show my apretiation for what you do as my main post says. i saw on your trip you visited new bronswich i have relations there. 🙂


  18. I would love to watch your live shows, but I’m in the country with a slo-o-o-w internet.


  19. I ❤️ your live streams. Can’t alway’s watch live, but I live for Friday’s & so look forward to watching it. Almost all are on my favorite play list!
    Please don’t stop if at all possible. I know you brighten so many people’s day…I know you do mine😁


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