Sketchbook Sunday: Raspberry Turnover in a Buttery Flaky Crust!

Hi friends! This, I think, is my favorite Sketchbook Sunday sketch!


I enjoyed every minute of its creation (and even moment of the real pastries destruction LOL!) I snapped a photo of the pastry for you as well. Don’t mind my work desk debris.


Watch the video for a time-lapse demo:

In case you want to see the bloopers from the Dysarts ad with the funny couple I mentioned it’s here, and here is the SNL spoof if it. *I have no idea if anyone outside of Maine will find this funny buy I cry laugh every time I watch it LOL!


What are you drawing today? Let me know in the comments below and if you know a friend who would enjoy this please share it or pin it on Pinterest using one of the handy social sharing buttons below, thanks! Til next time happy crafting!



7 Responses

  1. I love these still lives! It’s not that easy to make pastry, bread or cake look real.
    It’s not easy smelling it until the painting is done either ….


    • It looks so yummy! What a beautiful “flaky pastry crust” !!! Funny! That older gentleman in the real bloopers is hilarious and then his wife’s reaction! And he loved it when she couldn’t say it! I watch SNL occasionally, especially when Justin Timberlake is on and certain bands or single acts. Back in my day, it was Chevy Chase, Bill Murry, the Church Lady (Dana Carvey), Steve Martin, Martin Short and eventually Will Ferrill. When I was a youngster, I loved The Carol Burnett show – so funny (RIP Harvey). Well, I just went down memory lane over pastries! By the way, you are not only making me want sweets but that is a very realistic painting! Thanks for the sweet memories – the good stuff in life.


  2. Wow you made me want one, Hungry now. Loved this Thanks Lindsay


  3. I was raised in Maine and certainly saw some of my Aunts and Uncles! I’m still laughing. Thanks for the painting and the great laughs..I have those pastries in the freezer but, not for long!! LOL


  4. I wouldn’t even attempt to paint this, but you sure did an amazing job of giving us an exact replica from the photo. The front pastry looks like a mouth with the tongue sticking out. Laughing at the commercial bloopers was a great way to start my day….hilarious! Thanks for sharing that, and those pot pies look so delicious…..especially with that flaky crust!😂😂😂


  5. Hysterical video with Maine couple. I couldnt stop laughing. Saturdaynight Live funny too, but the original was great! Thanks for letting us in on the inside joke. Nice job on painting & all of your comments with various supplys. Learned a lot. You are so multi talented. I had only been watching your Utube paint or card videos, just recently found your blog & discovering much more to you & your art! Well done.


  6. I love the swatches idea and the ability to refill these markers. I really hate throwing out old markers. My favorite color is orange, any orange, but maybe salmon is my favorite. And I’m at the top of Maine and would be thrilled to win a set of Color It watercolor markers!


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