Colorful & Quirky Fall Leaves in Watercolor (with BRUSHO accents!)

Hi friends! Today we will have a fun and easy loose style watercolor project for our livestream:


This started out as a loose watercolor but they I wondered what would happen if I added Brusho (a powdered watercolor) and so I did. Immediately regretted it but then decided to leave it be and come back later and I found that I quite liked the effect. You can do it or not, it’s up to you! I think adding pen helped sharpen up some of the leaves giving me the effect I was after in the first place. You can watch the live stream or reply in the player below but if you want to chat live be sure to watch at 12:30pm Eastern time today on YouTube.


Supplies (amazon affiliate links used)

I hope to see you at 12:30 for some colorful painting fun! Happy crafting!


6 Responses

  1. Amazing! I had to zoom in to see that this was an actual leaves on a piece of paper as a reference.


  2. Lindsay, please go back to mostly just water colour tutorials? I can’t afford to buy more supplies. I used to love your tutorials of just water colours. Please, this is not a criticism just my preference. I loved your water. Lloyd tutorials
    Thank you.
    Sent from Joy


    • I just posted an ice cream in watercolor the other day, maybe you would prefer that tutorial. You can always use what you have and substitute.The other medias are not mandatory.


  3. Lindsay, tried to comment during the live video, but I’m not set up to join the chat on Youtube (yet). Loved the video! The background was enchanting.

    Question: what do you suggest as next steps for a “blooming” young artist (me) to slowly graduate from painting along (with you), to going solo. Any guidance is most appreciated.

    Thanks Lindsay!


    • try painting from photos you like or outside in nature.try painting what you see and what interests you:)


  4. Thanks for this video. I’ve had Brusho for 2 years and not had much luck. I’m guessing a light touch is the secret.


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