Wedge Brush Fun! Sketchbook Sunday!

Hi friends!  A couple of months ago I bought some wedge brushes and did a fun rainbow design in one of my sketchbooks and many of you asked for a tutorial, well, today is the day!


Watch the video to see how this is done. The wedge brush can be a bit tricky so if you have one but got frustrated try it again! After a page or two of these you’ll be all set!


I am working on a new section on flowers with the wedge brush for my Watercolor Flower Workshop so stay tuned for that! Til next time happy crafting!


11 thoughts on “Wedge Brush Fun! Sketchbook Sunday!

  1. Not sure if this is the place to ask, but do you think the Daniel Smith 238 dot(?) sample, is a good thing to try. It’s about 23.00. I’m using American Journey, but might like to try a color or two in another brand. Thanks


    1. I’m personally not a fan of dot cards but it will give you a good idea of what you like before spending a lot of money on paint you don’t like.


  2. I am definately going to try this! Sketchbook Sunday has become an event I look forward to every weekend! Thank ypu Lindsay!


  3. That was fun to watch, is the wedge brush different than a sword or dagger? What size did you use in the exercise? That turned very pretty, will the brush do other shapes? Can you paint using it like a round? Wish there were more videos on brush shapes you can get from various styles of brushes like the diamond shape black velvet, i think they also call a cats tongue.


    1. it is similar to a dagger but instead of a flat ferrule it has a triangle ferrule. There are a lot of flowers and petals and glasses you can do with it.

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  4. it was relaxing watching you do this. I have practiced this with a round brush. This week I will do something similar. Thanks for the idea to paint and have fun. You have a business blog account? Is this how you are able to upload videos?


  5. I don’t have this kind of brush, but I’m just learning and this would be a great exercise for me to do. thanks for sharing this with us, I’m learning so much from you and I love your blog. So glad I found you.


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