Review: QoR Watercolors by Golden Paints

Hi friends! Today I am reviewing a line of watercolor by Golden who are famous for their acrylics. You can see swatches of the colors on their website, click on a swatch to see more detail. These QoR (pronounced core) watercolors use Aquazol instead of a traditional gum arabic binder but you can intermix these with other brands of watercolor with no problem. The paints rewet very well and dry down quickly and are super concentrated so I like to refill my travel palette with them because they are so slow wearing so I don’t have to refill often. Qor Watercolors can be purchased in 11ml tubes individually or in sets containing 6-24 5ml tubes. Since they are so slow wearing Irecommend starting with a intro set with the 24 set being the best value. They also just came out with a 12 half pan travel set that my want monster has his eyes on LOL! Watch the review for more info and a demo!


  • great flow
  • Dryes down hard but rewets easily
  • clean vibrant color
  • the tin the sets come in are great for storing your paints and using as a palette
  • Price is affordable in sets


  • The 11ml tubes that are available individually are a bit pricey but the paint goes a long way so it is about the same as other artist grade colors. I bought the sets for this reason.

Qor Watercolors  are wonderful artist grade paints, I personally purchased all 3 intro sets of 6 and the 24 set and Golden sent me 6 large tubes of my choosing. If you want to start with a small set that I feel represents the uniqueness of the line try the high chroma set, the intense colors will knock your socks off! Also there is no duplication in colors in any of the 6 tube sets so you can build your collection slowly over time. Affiliate links used in this review. Thanks for watching and til next time happy crafting!