When to mask and when to fussy cut! Tips for stamping and cardmaking!

Hi friends! I think one of the most enjoyable aspect of stamping is to combine images to create new scenes. Sometimes I use a technique called masking where I stamp the image then cover it up and stamp another image on top so it appears to be behind the first. This allows you to create a picture with many images on one sheet of paper without overlapping lines. Sometimes though, you are better off to stamp images separately and cut them out and arrange them together on a separate sheet of paper. It depends on the type of images you are using and whether you are using a full image or part of an image.


In this card with the ladies sitting on the couch it would be difficult to get them positioned properly,also I wanted some layered paper and dimension to this card so cutting and glueing were the way to go.


But on this card by starting with the mixed frame stamp layout it as easy to mask off each box and keep my stamping inside. I also think by masking you create some organization to this wacky cast of barnyard characters.


Learn how I created these cards in today’s video!

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When to mask:

  1. Mask images when cutting them out would be a pain.
  2. Mask when you can easily work front to back without placement issues.

When to cut and collage:

  1. When it would be difficult to place multiple images front to back (like ladies sitting on the sofa.)
  2. When you have portions of the stamp images you want to omit (like the chairs the ladies were sitting in.)
  3. When you want dimension such as layers of pattern paper or if you want to pop elements up with foam tape.

I hope this makes your card making easier. Let me know what technique you prefer in the comments below and til next time happy crafting!

6 thoughts on “When to mask and when to fussy cut! Tips for stamping and cardmaking!

  1. Hi Lindsay cute cards! I use both techniques but I almost always use my Scan n cut to cut out both stamped images and masks because that’s what I bought it for. Frees me up to do the other parts of crafting that I enjoy more. Thanks for a fun video


  2. Well, I haven’t watched your video, as of yet, but just want to laugh ! You’re So Funny ! You must be a very cheerful individual, as it shows, in your work ! Haha ! Haha ! Haha ! Thanks, for the Good Laugh !


  3. Noticed, in your heading … that you mentioned fussy cutting ( one of my favorite things to do, as a Papercrafting Artist ! I Have A Request … Would you please paint watercolor flowers, fussy cut them and with 3D foam ~~~ adhere the fussy cut flowers, over watercolor / shadowed images, painted on a greeting card ? I have never seen you do this sort of thing, but can sense the “ True Elegance “ of what the finished “ Master Piece “ would look like ! I really feel like this would be a huge hit, for card making ! True, Elegance ! I would just L~O~V~E to see you do this ! Fingers Crossed ! Hee ! Hee !

    Angel ( from Kenduskeag )


  4. These cards are so cleaver & cute. Love how you have broken down the techniques so easy to understand! Love more that you also did a video for it! Thank you.


  5. Cute cards! I like the tea ladies scene, so fun! The animals are really fun too! I enjoy fussy-cutting so I don’t mask much. After I fussy-cut, I always pop them up on foam tape – I like the dimension. I would like to see more masking because it’s something I struggle with. Thanks!


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