Vibrant, Fun & Cheap! My 3 Favorite Qualities in Art Supplies!

Hi friends! If you followed me on Instagram over the past month you have seem me painting cheerful postcards, bookmarks and sketchbook pages with a funny looking palette

36366291_10212025602940814_7767252950983901184_o (1)

You may also have seen this palette advertised on Facebook and Instagram for a horrendous amount of money too! When I saw they wanted $50-$100 for this cute fan watercolor set I quickly put it out of my mind until I found it on Amazon for $18.99 and then I had to try it! I have carried this darling little palette everywhere with me for the past 3 weeks and have painted up a storm and surprisingly I have hardly made a dent in the paint. I was expecting with the super thin pans of color I’d use it up in no time and be left with a cute palette to refill. But no, there is still gobs and gobs of color left. Instead of me writing about how much I like this palette why not watch my video and I’ll tell you!

The details:

  • The palette I bought has 42 colors (the have smaller sets that are cheaper, the smaller sets will be shorter and probably come with a shorter waterbrush)
  • They also sell a pastel set of 18 colors for $11.99, and a cocktail set of 25 colors for $14.99.  I did compare colors in the sets and if you buy the 42 color set I reviewed and the pastel set the only duplicate color is white. All the colors in the cocktail set can be found in the pastel set and the 42 set. I plan to get the pastel set as I think it would be handy for life drawing sessions and for painting sweets which is my current obsession.
  • Comes with a refillable water brush
  • These seem to be extruded very concentrated thin pans of watercolor
  • I bought mine from the seller MEEDEN because I have had good luck purchasing that brand before



  • Price: $11.99-$18.99 depending on number of colors
  • Colors are clean and bright and very transparent
  • The waterbrush is decent
  • The colors are slow wearing, they should last quite a while
  • Some colors granulate like they would in traditional colors.
  • The colors Glaze well (2-3 layers) as you can see in my gemstone painting below.



  • Small mixing area (that said you have enough colors you won’t need to mix but I prefer to use fewer colors and mix them) *Note, Some palettes are coming with a slide out mixing tray that is not shown in the product description which is a nice improvement as well as a brush wiping sponge!
  • No lightfast information
  • If you decide to use a regular watercolor brush and buckets of water you will want to leave it fanned out to dry so the wet paint won’t stick the palette shut. When in doubt dry it out.

Bottom line: These paints are surprisingly wonderful! They flow well and the colors are fresh and bright. I am keeping it in my car for impromptu painting. These won’t be the best choice for large paintings because the mixing areas are small and you would probably use them up quickly but for cardmaking, art journaling and sketching they really can’t be beat. I am using them mainly to paint bookmarks and postcards. If you are looking for an inexpensive travel set of a gift for an artsy friend I encourage you to give them a try! I also recommend you make a swatch like I showed in the video so you can keep the colors straight, they are so transparent they appear very dark in the pans.


These are the blank watercolor postcards I used. For Making bookmarks I cut this paper into four 2.25″x6″ pieces and this paper into 2 2.5″x7″ pieces.
That way I have fun small “canvasses” to paint on anytime I have a minute!


FYI I intend to refill my palette when it runs out. I will use my QoR watercolors for that because they are very concentrated and dry down hard and low yet are easy to rewet so they seem to be the best option I think.


I hope you enjoyed this review as much as I have enjoyed playing with these fun paints! Affiliate links were used in this post meaning that if you purchase that palette I will earn a small commission at no cost to you, thanks! Thank you for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

36316777_10212023810055993_3735544893708173312_o (1)

13 Responses

  1. Very impressed by your review of nomad watercolour palette so you can imagine that I was so disappointed to learn that Amazon UK informed me ” No supplier able to deliver to my location. “What a pity!
    Best wishes
    Joy Roberts


    • there might be other sellers that have them, there were several in the US but I went with Meeden as I have been happy ordering from them before. I find most art supplies on amazon are not actually sold by amazon, they are from independent sellers who wherehouse enough with amazon to be included in the prime shipping program.


  2. love how you mixed up those pinks and blues.


  3. His email says Kovacs



  4. I got mine the other day and although I haven’t even swatched them out yet I couldn’t help but dip my brush – the colours are so vibrant that I can’t wait to give them a good go this weekend while I holiday in Sydney – The Sydney Harbour Bridge awaits my interpretation with these watercolours


    • Where did you get them Jenny Geldart? I googled amazon and they were not in the supplies available in Australia?
      I really enjoy your posts Lindsay!


  5. Thank you for the revue Lindsay. They are always so helpful


  6. O.K. Lindsay … You have earned a “ WOW ! “ ~~~ Just by viewing your first picture ! I like how “ Clean “ these paintings are ! Just Beautiful !
    Angel ( from Kenduskeag, ME )


  7. I love the vibrant colors too and I could watch you watercolor all day…I learn something from everything you paint. This video though, I kept wishing I was able to “chat” with you while you were discussing your setup (which is SUCH a great idea)! LOL! When I first started looking into getting back to Art again I watched and watched videos about using spare amounts of supplies, I pinned small “kits”, etc. and I can’t seem to shake all the little pieces I picked up from everything. I am not a professional artist like you, but I adore little tips. I LOVE the watercolor set, and how portable it is and that it has a mix area (even though it is really small for you and the matching swatches. PERFECT! So here is my “Chat” with you, (I hope you don’t mind)….first, if you have a favorite water brush could you substitute it in the little slot or is it made to hold ONLY they brush they give you? I use water brushes almost exclusively with actual color. If you can use another brush, that could alleviate the lid issue. OR, I found these little things on Amazon meant to hold small USB adapters onto the cords they are “adapting” and they glow in the dark. (That IS what I bought them for, but I am wondering if they might work with the lid and water brush…no affiliation but they are by B00J43YUUK; I also “borrowed” a tip from a travel palette and use wrist “sweat bands” to clean my brushes while I’m painting instead of a towel or rag. PLUS you could put the sweat band around the palette, swatches and any other brushes or whatever to pull out of your bag at once – and it wouldn’t be a useless box. Just as a precaution I keep my smaller cut pieces of watercolor paper in a small poly envelope that has a hook & loop fastener on one side & an open top envelop on the other side. Just in case, to keep things clean and unbent inside AND it’s easy to add and remove washi tape strips from the envelope – ASIN: B00C2MBIKU. Water! I found 2 options I love love love! The 1st option I love because I have a 3 year old cat that thinks she is 3 months old and likes to knock everything over…just because. I don’t know if something is available elsewhere, but I bought mine at a certain big box craft store that is closed on Sundays. I am told they are only available in store and never go on store but you can use your coupon on them. It is a called “Artist’s Jar” with spout, it is 16.9 fl oz capacity. Full price $2.99 and it is plastic. I love it because it is plastic (the cat), because I can leave the lids on both my jars when I don’t need them and they won’t spill, then unscrew the lid and wash the gesso, or matte medium, or actual paint out of my brush…set it to the side and put the lids back on and continue…Not the most convenient for most but for people with mischievous kids or pets…awesome. In ADDITION, you can flip the top up and the spout it the perfect size to refill you water brushes. So you don’t need to get up and refill or go through any big hassle, just carefully pour, snap shut and resume. A little big for your bag though. I haven’t got a chance yet but for travel, I was hoping to try these little 1.5 oz cups that are similar to the ones sold for plein air painting…but the reviews claim these DO NOT LEAK…I think their original purpose is for Japanese Bento boxes maybe…ASIN: B008AZ0RPU. And last, I had a bag like your pretty bag and it ended up tearing after not long and not much wear. I hope you have better luck…but I wanted to warn you. I don’t now why, but something about that “material” doesn’t hold up…but I think mine was torn by the zipper, so maybe you’ll be able to fix yours with your sewing machine. I don’t sew…..I’m sorry, I can never write anything brief. Obviously you are much more experienced and knowledgeable then me so maybe there are many reasons these things won’t help you, but you and the information you share help me so much I just wanted to pass them on in case they could help you. Thanks for all you do!!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Hi Lindsay,  Thought your review of the Vibrant Fun and Cheap paints looked great. Such a shame that Amazon informs me that no supplier delivers to our location in the UK.  Think you are so inspirational.  Best Wishes  Joy Roberts 


  9. Thanks for this fun review. I don’t have anything for on the go and traveling, I will have to check this out. Looks like a great product to have. Will be interested to see how it works when you refill it.


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