How to Paint a Burger // Sketchbook Sunday

Hi friends! I had so much fun drawing today’s sketchbook Sunday piece for you today!


Best of all I did this with all inexpensive producs from Arteza! Watch the video to see it come together!

Supplies from Arteza  *Save10% on their already low prices with coupon code: PROMO10 on these, or other supplies from Arteza  *Affilate links used

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watercolor_floral_thumb (1)




This offer is good through 7/20/18. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

7 thoughts on “How to Paint a Burger // Sketchbook Sunday

    1. It’s an opaque watercolor-like paint. You can cover up mistakes by painting over them but it’s hard to make anything look transparent as if light is shining through. Sort of like very opaque watercolor paints like yellow ochre of some brands. Or all watercolor paints that contain titanium white. James Gurney paints really good street scenes in gouache, you can watch him on youtube.


  1. I enjoy these food paintings ever since I watched you painting a cup cake! I never used to dare to paint food (unless it was vegetables or fruit in a still life) but always wanted to be able to.
    I like the idea of combining waterbased markers and paint. I don’t use gouache but it might be a help with watercolors, especially when it comes to colors I just can’t mix with the paints I have like turquoise or opera if I only have the primaries. I KNOW it shoud be possible to mix a light turquoise with just blue and yellow but I never end up with something like cobalt teal.
    I had to grin when you dabbed some more ochre onto the cheese, it looked like you dunked your brush into melted cheese!


  2. Hi Lindsey!
    Happy Birthday! I celebrate my birthday each July 17 … but have celebrated for about a decade longer!

    Abundant blessings on/to you & your home this next year!
    -Doris Berry


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