Vintage Look Glass Tile Necklace with Hand Dyed Ribbons

Hi friends! I decided to do a craft fair in my town for old home week. If you are local it will be this Saturday from 9am-4pm at the public library, I’d love to see you! With that in mind I was thinking about cute things I could batch up to sell in addition to my watercolors and cards. I came up with these using some supplies I got recently.


I love how I can use up that really precious paper I have been hoarding. I think this would be a fun birthday party craft as well as people of all ages and skill level can make them. In today’s video I’ll show you how to make these sweet charms and also hand dye the ribbons for a fun vintage flair!

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1. Collage pressed flowers on to scrapbook paper (if desired) and glue tile over image, let dry.
2. Soak ribbon in hot water with table salt mixed in (about a tablespoon to 4 cups) squeeze out the excess water and apply a few drops of ink and work it into your ribbon. After the ribbon dries you should rinse it out to remove excess dye and let it dry again. It will end up much lighter so keep them in mind as you are adding color.
3. Trim excess paper from tiles.
4. apply a coat of clear glue to the back of the tile (on the paper) and glue on the bail and let dry.
5. Cut ribbon to 30″ lengths and add to finished tines. Tie ribbon ends together to make a secure knot and trim ribbon. You can add a bit of glue or fray check to ribbon ends to prevent fraying if desired.


I hope you enjoyed this project and til next time happy crafting!