All of my watercolors (prepare to be shocked and amazed like my husband was LOL!)

Hi friends! Last night I did a surprise live stream showcasing all of my watercolor palettes and how I store my watercolor tubes. I often get questions about this paint vs that paint and after my watercolor brush livestream I had several requests to go through my palettes as well. I went through my watercolor swatch binder as I went through the palettes so you could see the colors swatched out and make notes and compare if you were interested in any of the brands. I have viewers all over the world and I know some paints are easier and harder to find so I hop this can help you determine paint sets to fit your needs and budget. As another fun element my husband was on hand relaying questions to me throughout the live stream, you can her the surprise in his voice as more and more palettes were revealed LOL! Good thing he doesn’t mind my collection:)

If you are looking to purchase a set of colors I find Amazon has the best prices on full sets however if you are just looking to buy individual tubes and pans websites like Jerry’s Artarama (use coupon frugal20FS49 for 20% off non sale items), Cheap Joes, Blick and Merri Artist have better prices. Please note that I am an Amazon associate and although this video is not sponsored Jerry’s Artarama is a regular sponsor of my blog and YouTube channel.  I have also noted in this video where I purchased a product or if it was free from a sponsor or manufacturer. I am an infinitely curious person and I enjoy testing out new watercolors. I have more than anyone needs for painting but I make a living with my blog and YouTube channel and reviewing products viewers requests part of my video content I like to provide. Yes, its excessive, I know. Please don’t feel like you need to own as many palettes, use what you have and use this info as a basis to compare and make educated purchases in the future. The best paints to use are the ones you have:)

You can find a playlist of product reviews here if you want more info on any particular paint set and you can see how and why I use a swatch binder here. I hope you found this palette show and tell useful and til next time happy crafting!