My Outdoor Sketching Supplies & Etchr Slate Art Bag Review

Hi friends! Since it is summer and world Watercolor Month I thought it would be fun to share what I bring for sketching and painting outside:


I also received this travel art bag to review so I took it out sketching a couple of times and I will share what I think of it in today’s video.

The Etchr Slate Satchel is a stylish, well made waterproof bag for plein air painting and urban sketching. This is a high quality waterproof bag with tabs and cords for holding your supplies like pens, pencils and sketchbooks (or tablets.) There is a front pocket that will allow me to carry a flask of water, small sketchbook, rag and watercolor palette as well as a secure zipper pocket on the front flap that will accommodate my phone and wallet so I don’t need to carry an extra bag for that. The bag is sleek enough to take around with you on a bus, plane restaurants or the office without looking out-of-place. This bag sells for $119 USD and they ship worldwide from Australia. Etchr provided me with this bag for review purposes.

The bag looks great and is well made, the zippers move smoothly and the straps are easy to adjust. The velcro tabs and loops are very strong. There is even a mount if you want to put this bag on a tripod for easel sketching. This bag is also free on animal products.

Cons: The bag is really slim meaning you won’t be able to keep all kinds of supplies in there, I think drawing or watercolor is probably it. This is definitely not for oil or acrylic painters or if you need to carry bulky materials. I use a flask for my water as a water bottle would not fit well in the large pocket. Also it is a bit awkward to get used to wearing the bag but it does get more natural the more you do it.

I think this would be idea for an urban sketcher where you have limited space to work (like on a bus, train or busy street) and you need to look chic because you are sketching on your lunch hour. It feels a bit fancy for me as I traipse through the woods though LOL!

Bottom Line: It’s a well made bag that is as stylish as it is functional.

My favorite sketching supplies:

You can find out more about Etchr here. I hope you get outside to paint this summer, til next time happy crafting!