Sketchbook Sunday & World Watercolor Month!

Hi friends! Just popping in quick today with my Sketchbook Sunday video!

I decided to paint a sunny pasture because today’s prompt for World Watercolor Month is Sunny Days. July is world watercolor month and it is such a fun challenge, all you do is create watercolor art and tag it #worldwordercolormonth on social media and you can see what others are painting too. There is a facebook group that is so inspiring but even if you don’t use facebook you can search the hashtag online and get inspired. I am a member of the facebook page but other than that I have no affiliation with World Watercolor Month or Doodlewash (the website that puts it on) but it is a wonderful way to get involved and be inspired with watercolor painting! Happy crafting!

3 Responses

  1. What a delightful painting, i love the scenery you created! Thanks for the useful video. I intend to join in too for the 1st time so I bought a sketch book just for that & was wondering how to keep it from warping & saw you used a clip. Great idea, thanks. Happy watercolouring!


  2. Hi Lindsey I love your watercolor picture it’s so beautiful have a bless one happy creative coloring


  3. oh I found what you are up to and cool.


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