No Live show today:( I am feeling ill…

Hi friends! My busy last few weeks has caught up with me and I have to cancel today’s live stream. I am sorry for the inconvenience. While on the couch sick I got the chance to play with this super cute (an inexpensive) set of watercolors I found on Amazon for $19 (I have the 42 set but they have smaller sets starting at $13) and they are delightful! The waterbrush that comes with it is nice too, I painted these doodle flowers with just the brush that came in the kit.


You don’t need a lot of water to get color of the thin pans and since you don’t need much water you can close them right up again with no sticking. I wouldn’t recommend pre spraying these colors but you don’t need to. I bought this because I was curious and someone asked me to review the “nomad” painter that was advertised on instagram (for $50-$100 for the same thing!) and I suspected the companies selling them in instagram were just having them drop shipped from Amazon so I wanted to make sure my peeps didn’t get ripped off. The paints are good but why pay $60 when you can pay $19 and there was even a coupon on Amazon today to take off an additional 8% that wasn’t there when I ordered last week. I also thought these would be fun to bring for the kids on our upcoming camp trip (although I kinda want to keep it for myself LOL!) I’ll do a proper review after I have used them for a while and let you know how fast the color wear down. They remind me of peerless how some colors swatch differently than they look in the pan) but the pans are thicker and the ultramarine granulates too! some color are similar to others but it doesn’t bother me as they are popular colors I am likely to use. I hope they don’t jack up the price on these fabulous paints, I think they are ideal for summer travel and gifts. I have no lightfast info on these so they might be best for sketchbooks and cards. I am also curious about refilling this set with my own tube paints.

I also wanted to let you know that tomorrow is the last day to save 50% on my Watercolor Flower Workshop, use the coupon code FLOWERPOWER if the discount doesn’t appear.

watercolor_floral_thumb (1)

I am also leaving the June art up in the shop for one more week as I will be unable to ship out anything next week so you have a bit longer to decide if you wanted an original painting from that collection. That’s it for me today! Sorry for the random post LOL! I hope you are enjoying your day, have a nice weekend and til next time happy crafting!