No time for art?

Hi friends! The other day I got an interesting comment on a video and it was food for thought. I discuss it in today’s video!

If I waited for the perfect time to create…

  • I wouldn’t have a blog.
  • I would never have uploaded a YouTube video, much less have 1900+ videos in my archive.
  • I wouldn’t have volunteered to teach art in schools.
  • I wouldn’t have been published in art and painting magazines.
  • I wouldn’t have illustrated two children’s books.
  • I wouldn’t be making my living as an artist.

I would be unhappy, anxious, and full of regret. While all of my projects may not be perfect the time spend making them enriches my life and hopefully others. It is a crazy proud feeling to see work that someone has done from one of your tutorials. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that you inspired someone else to take action and create something. There is no perfect time for art, in fact often if I get a whole day to create what I want I a struggle with “analysis paralysis” because I have too many options on what I can do. If I only have 30 minutes I jump in and pick something. Fun fact: That’s what I start my drawing course with 30 second timed sketches-no time to worry about perfect!

If I worried about having enough time to do everything perfectly I wouldn’t exercise, clean, volunteer, have friends over or make art. I don’t want to live like that, do you? …are you?

You can get so much done if you abandon perfect and take back those scraps of time and spend them intentionally.

And while we are at it let’s stop comparing our art with other people’s art (or judging other peoples art because when you point the finger you have 3 pointing back at you.) We can be inspired by scrolling through social media and looking at the lovely things others have created and that’s great but if you find yourself feeling bad or jealous and down on yourself because you haven’t made anything in a while (ot because their craft room is prettier than yours) it’s time for a break. I get it though, it’s easy to pick up your phone and scroll when you are not feeling like you have enough time to get anything done, but before you know it 20 minutes is gone in a flash and you have nothing to show for it. It seems like we have less time because it is so easily snatched away from us without us realizing it. We need to take back those scraps of time! I remember back when if you wanted to be social and share art you packed up your supplies in a rolling tote and met at a local scrapbook store and created together. All of out supplies fit in one bag and we got so much more done! How about a little more social and a lot less media?

I didn’t intend to go on a rant today and I don’t want to take up any more of your precious time my dear friends:) Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below and let me know what you are going to work on the next time you have 20 minutes. I bet you have some good ideas! I want to wrap this up saying that you should spend YOUR time however you want, it’s yours. Be intentional because you only get one chance on this crazy planet so make it a good one! Have a great night and til next time happy crafting!

18 Responses

  1. I totally agree Lindsay – use those scraps of time – if you add those little bits of time together you can actually create the most amazing things. And the time in between being creative I get to look and think about what I have done in my creative moments, and this allows me to let my work grow some more. Although more creative time would always be good – right now I really do need to catch up with my busy creative thought processes and just create.

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  2. This time of year, I’m prepping things to enter in the fair. I always swear I will make things as the year goes by, but, come June, I am always frantically trying to make art, crafts and figure out frames, etc. I guess that means I am good under pressure, too, since I bring home ribbons for EVERYTHING!


  3. It is so challenging because watching a youtube video is so satisfying. The mistakes have been edited out. The 3 hrs it actually took to get done- gets edited out. The learning curve to get good at something- gets edited out. But have to agree with you 100% the fun of actually accomplishing something- you just don’t get from watching. Thanks Lindsay.


  4. Thanks for all you do! I look forward to your emails and videos!


  5. You are absolutely right. I spend far too much time wasting time. I plan to spend more time creating, gardening and passions. Thanks for the heads up!

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  6. Those little bits of time we have are indeed precious. Tomorrow I’m volunteering to write thank yous at my church for donations that came in memory of two beloved parishioners that passed last week. And for myself I’m going to start on my online classes from you. I got my brushes today, and I finally see why my watercolor struggle was so real…I did not have the tools, only the instruction. Live each day embracing what you have and reaching out beyond yourself. You always give such real and honest advice, Lindsay. Thank you for that.

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  7. Right on Linds! I get a ton done in 10-15 min snippets through out the day. Hadn’t applied it to my art, but going to now. Thanks for sharing that!

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  8. I’m with you Lindsay. Even though I’m retired now, I’m busier than ever. Lots of time I’ll look at the clock and say, “Well, I’ve got 30 minutes before we leave so I’ll sit and quilt or go down to the ‘lower studio’ (aka the basement) and stamp or colour some images or make some backgrounds for cards, etc. Those 20 and 30 minutes add up by the end of the week and I get lots of crafting done. Crafty Violet

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  9. I agree with you, it depends on me if I choose to USE my spare time or waste it! It used to really bug me when other women said: “I’d LOVE to do what you do if I only had the TIME!” hinting that I must have stolen the time to do it anyway. I TOOK the time because it was important for me! Like: how many hours per week do people spend in front of the TV (today: smartphone)? That’s their choice and they’re free to do so but you can only use up your time once unless of course you are able to watch TV AND paint at the same time.

    I think it all depends on how important something is for me. Painting or drawing is relaxing and makes me feel good, no matter if it ends up to be something I can show to anyone later or not. Nobody wonders how I’m able to take the time to eat a meal or drink a cup of tea!

    I used to knit or do embroidery while sitting around at schools or sports fields waiting for my children’s sports or music classes were over but when I was at home I always had some colored pencils and a pad of paper handy to scribble at a drawing while keeping an eye on my children and their friends playing.

    Sometimes I think the more spare time people have the less they FEEL they have, probably due to the huge variety of how to spend that spare time. I hear stories about my great-grandmother who must have had a hard time with household chores without the appliances we have today but she always had friends dropping by and sat down for a cup of coffee with them and chatted. Who has that kind of time these days?

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  10. If that was a rant i don’t mind it. Was what i needed to hear on my break at work. I should really start bringing my sketchbook with me.

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  11. love the analysis paralysis That’s me. So much I want to do it’s hard to choose. Retired and take time, lots of it, for art.

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  12. I miss those days of going on a weekend scrap retreat. Had to stop because of an increase in bills and now I haven’t seen any recently (of course the hospital bills still have to come first but I am afraid that by the time I have money again, there won’t be any retreats left). Once in a while, I just have to get the bare minimum done (gotta have clean clothes but do I really have to dust the furniture? 😉) and carve out that “Me time” to create something. Sometimes having a purpose also helps. I participate in online challenges, and belong to an Art Club that uses donated art to raise funds (need to feel like I’m pulling my weight and have stuff to sell). I add those projects to my ‘To-do list and it can be as satisfying crossing it off, as vacuuming getting crossed off can be.

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  13. Lindsey,
    Wow you hit the nail on it’s head… I have thought the same thing. Still do I haven’t been in my craftroom on over a month and feel I spend so much time trying to keep up with all the new crafting supplies. I call this keeping up with the Jones’s. I have a very nice craftroom, but I always want or need more. What the heck is that all about. I wish I wouldn’t watch all of them. Thank you so much for this blog topic. I needed it right now in my life.

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  14. Awesome motivational video!

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  15. This was a pep talk I needed! I may need to hear it again soon. I’m such an all (finish the entire project at once) or nothing person and my life does not allow for that luxury. I have also struggled since losing my dedicated work space last year when my family needed to move to a new home. Thanks for your “rant” and keep up the great work!

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  16. Awesome, thank you!!


  17. I loved this post so much. Sometimes we need to be reminded to not have everything perfect. I too was in that boat where I said I don’t have time. Now I make the time. I created a little spot for my art and it has made a huge difference.

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  18. Lindsay, I’ve been watching your videos for quite a while and you always have such an uplifting, positive can-do attitude. I always enjoy watching the videos and reading your blog. This video is so spot on in grabbing those precious few minutes to create. I try to do this with various areas in my life, including creating. Thank you for your encouragement, sharing your experiences, and teaching us.


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